You Can Get McDonald's-Themed Merch With Your McDelivery Order On Sept. 19

by Daffany Chan
Courtesy of McDonald's

Sometimes a night in at home to recharge your batteries is just what you need after a long week. With good food and comfy clothes, you're basically set for an enjoyable evening without having to plan a big outing. There won't be any FOMO when staying in on Sept. 19, because McDonald's is encouraging everyone to sit back and relax at home during the annual global holiday, McDelivery Night In. McDonald's McDelivery Night In merch for 2019 is all you need for the comfiest evening at home.

McDonald's is partnering with Uber Eats for McDelivery Night In on Sept. 19 to bring delicious menu items to customers during their night in. For the special annual event, the fast food company is bringing back a line of apparel and accessories that's designed just for lounging around the house. The cozy items include Big Mac & Fry socks, slippers, scrunchies and more. If you make a $10 minimum purchase with McDelivery with Uber Eats on the special night, you'll receive a free limited-edition item from the McDelivery Night In line while supplies last, according to the brand. It's just like getting a free toy every time you purchase a Happy Meal, but with a comfy AF twist. It all starts at 5 p.m. local time on Sept. 19, while supplies last.

The new merch is the best way to show off your love for the Golden Arches, and the super cute design of the line paired with the practicality of comfortable clothing makes this your go-to wardrobe for movie nights. There's seriously such a wide variety of swag available. From the melty cheese oversized sweatshirt to the Big Mac & fry fleece shorts and socks, just seeing the tasty designs on the clothing is enough to get you craving some McD's French Fries. There are even playing cards featuring the Golden Arches, so you can stay entertained playing games with your pals on McDelivery Night In.

Courtesy of McDonald's

So, why is McDonald's going all out for this year's McDelivery Night In? According to a Sept. 19 press release, it's to honor the milestone of delivering to more than 1 million customers around the world every day. And since 60% of orders occur at night, McD's wants to make customer's evenings curled up with Big Macs even more comfortable. "With McDelivery, we're meeting our customers on their terms, and providing more ways to get their McDonald's favorites than ever before," Steve Easterbrook, President and Chief Executive Officer, McDonald's Corporation, said in the press release. "In fact globally there are more than 10 McDelivery orders placed every second. With our third annual McDelivery celebration, we're calling on our customers around the world to take a break and join us for a well-deserved night in."

Since McDonald's fans sure aren't messing around with their late night snacking, you'll want to make moves when ordering on Sept. 19 so that you get your free limited edition item (Missing out on McDonald's slippers would be the worst). Whether you invite friends over or have a relaxing time alone at home, Sept. 19 is about to be a Thursday with big plans.