McDonald’s is selling Quarter Pounder Candles on the Golden Arches Unlimited online store.

McDonald’s Is Selling Candles That Smell Like Beef & Ketchup

by Daffany Chan

There's no denying that a nice burger can smell like heaven when you're hungry, but McDonald's latest merch release will probably have customers pretty confused. The fast food chain is offering up the scent of its signature burger in a whole new way. McDonald's is selling Quarter Pounder candles that'll unleash the tasty smell of a complete hamburger in your home, except the candles are each scented as individual ingredients rather than the whole burger, which leads to some questionable scents. Here's how you can get your hands on the new product.

McDonald's is selling the Quarter Pounder Scented Candle Pack on the Golden Arches Unlimited official McDonald's online shop. The product features six custom scented candles in glass containers. Each candle is inspired by the delicious ingredients that make up a Quarter Pounder: Bun, Ketchup, Pickle, Cheese, Onion, and 100% Fresh Beef. Yep — that means that there is a ketchup-scented candle, a pickle-scented candle, and probably most bizarre of all, a beef-scented candle.

The candles include 25 hours of burn time, and it's recommended you burn all the candles together for "maximum deliciousness." You can purchase the candles on Golden Arches Unlimited online store for $35, and there's free ground domestic shipping in the United States. Since the candles are currently sold out, you'll want to check back ASAP to see when they restock.

The candles are part of the new Quarter Pounder Fan Club collection, which is a limited-edition line of fan club swag that was launched to celebrate the burger’s 50th anniversary next year. The cool lineup of products includes Couples Quarter Pounder Mittens, which will keep you and a special someone's hands warm while showing off your Golden Arches pride.

The 2020 Quarter Pounder Calendar is perfect if you're looking to organize your year with exclusive seasonal shots of the hamburger. The Quarter Pounder with Love Locket "keeps the Quarter Pounder close to [your] heart," literally. You can also stock up on the Quarter Pounder Fan Club T-Shirt, which is a comfy white t-shirt that is made of 100% cotton. It even features the special Quarter Pounder Fan Club logo.

If you're looking for small gifts this season, check out the "I'd Rather Be Eating a Quarter Pounder" Sticker and Quarter Pounder Fan Club Pin, which will show off your fast food love in style. Since the quantities of the merch is all extremely limited, you won't want to waste any time before heading to the Golden Arches Unlimited online shop.