McDonald's Is Reportedly Releasing Donut Sticks Soon, So Get Psyched For Mornings

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If you aren't a morning person yet, now's the time to change that. Why? Because McDonald's is reportedly releasing Donut Sticks soon, per Business Insider, and you're not gonna want to miss out on the fried breakfast treat. I mean, let's fact it: Setting your alarm a few minutes earlier than usual is totally worth a mouthwatering morning at McDonald's, don't you think? If you're not convinced yet, wait until you read more details about the apparent breakfast item. FYI, you might want to have a snack before diving into this news... because it'll probably make you hungry.

First things first: McDonald's will reportedly be releasing Donut Sticks in February 2019, according to Business Insider. The publication apparently viewed internal documents from the fast food restaurant that shared details about the apparent dish. In response to Elite Daily's email inquiry regarding the reported Donut Sticks, McDonald's provided the following statement:

In recent years, All Day Breakfast, more McCafé choices and new breakfast tastes, like our Triple Breakfast Stacks, are all proof of our renewed breakfast commitment. Expect more delicious and craveable news to come in 2019.

Even though McDonald's didn't specifically mention Donut Sticks in its response, it did reassure customers that "craveable" news will come in 2019. With that being said, cross your fingers and hope that fried goodness will hit the menu soon.

Based off the internal McDonald's documents that were reportedly shared with Business Insider (which can be viewed here), Donut Sticks would be a tasty addition to the Golden Arches' menu. Apparently, if they were released, they'd be a limited-time breakfast item. The documents also say that the reported Donut Sticks would be "strips of sweetened dough that are deep friend until golden brown, then sprinkled with cinnamon sugar." Yup, that sounds like a straight up doughnut — and I'd love to see it on McDonald's menu.

According to the documents shared with Business Insider, the reported Donut Sticks would be available three different ways: a six-pack for $1.29, a 12-pack for $2.39, or a bundle pack for $1.99. Apparently, the bundle would include six Donut Sticks and a small coffee. Regardless of which option you choose (if the reported Donut Sticks even become a reality), you won't be spending too much money on breakfast.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you're a doughnut enthusiast, you might've already noticed one similarity between McDonald's reported Donut Sticks and another company's breakfast item. I'm talking about Donut Fries from Dunkin', which became available in June 2018. The beloved Donut Fries are made by tossing croissant-style doughnut dough into cinnamon sugar (yum). Then, the doughnut pieces are served warm to customers nationwide. Is McDonald's taking notes from the doughnut haven itself? It's too early to tell.

I don't know about you, but I think it'd be great to have to doughnut options in the morning. The more baked goods, the better, right? But before you get too excited, keep an eye out for McDonald's announcements in 2019. The company hasn't mentioned the reported Donut Sticks yet — so you'll have to opt for its famous Hash Browns in the meantime.