Mattress Firm Will Pay You To Nap On The Job, So Grab Your Blanket

Falling asleep on the job is a big no-no, but one company is encouraging applicants to hit the hay on their dime. Mattress Firm is looking for an intern, er, "Snoozetern," to test out mattresses at its "BEDQuarters" in Houston, Texas. This is the dream job you've been waiting for, but there are some specific qualifications you need to meet before submitting your application. Grab your pajamas and dust off your resume, because Mattress Firm will pay you to take a nap.

So, you want to get paid for sleeping? Well, Mattress Firm's latest gig could be just the job for you. It's technically a paid internship, but you do not have to be in college to apply. The 20-hour a week job is open to anyone ages 18 years and older, according to Mattress Firm. There are a few requirements, though. Mattress Firm requests that applicants be "proficient in napping, regardless of time of day" and "passionate about sleep and comfort." Honestly, all job applications should include these as desired qualifications. Sign me up.

If selected, you'll do everything from taking an actual nap on one of Mattress Firm's cozy beds to testing out several different nap time and lounge positions. You know, there's the one where you are lying on your side scrolling through Twitter, the one where you are lying on your back FaceTiming with your cross-country BFF, or the one where your face is half covered by the flat sheet as you attempt to snap the perfect bedtime selfie.

Whatever your preferred relaxation position is for slumber, Mattress Firm wants you to test it out atop one of its beds and report back about the level of comfort. You can be a real deal "in-house bed tester," according to Mattress Firm. Just imagine how that job title will look on your resume.

Aside from being comfortable in bed, you should also be comfortable in front of the camera and using social media. As part of the Snoozetern responsibilities, you will create written and video content for Mattress Firm's social media accounts and website, as well as host Facebook Live events and interview Mattress Firm employees to get the best nighttime tips and tricks, according to Mattress Firm.

In order to be considered for this prestigious position, you will need to create a 60-second video that tells Mattress Firm why you would be the ultimate slumber star. The bedding company even includes a few talking points for you to consider like, "Why would you be the perfect Snoozetern?," "Do you like to nap?" and, "What sort of tips, information or education would you give to sleep-deprived Americans?" Put your thinking cap on and start mulling over what you might say. Time is of the essence, though, so you may need to put your daily nap on hold if you want a shot at being Mattress Firm's very first Snoozetern. The deadline to apply is Friday, July 27, so get to writing your award-winning script and start filming. Opportunities like this one don't come around often.

As for the selection process, the top five finalists will come to Mattress Firm's BEDQuarters in Houston for one last interview. From there, Mattress Firm will select its top three contenders and publish its application videos on Instagram, so you can have a hand in choosing the next Snoozetern. The winner will be selected on Friday, Aug. 10, with a start date of Wednesday, Aug. 15. You don't have to be a Houston resident to apply, but if you are chosen you will need to provide your own housing and transportation in the Houston area. The internship ends on Thursday, Nov. 15.