Matthew Koma's First Anniversary IG For Hilary Duff Is So Romantic

by Candice Jalili
Michael Kovac/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In the mood for some cuteness overload? Allow me to point your attention toward Matthew Koma's first anniversary Instagram for Hilary Duff. On Dec. 21, in honor of their one-year anniversary, Koma posted a picture from his and Duff's wedding to Instagram and paired it with what might be the sweetest caption ever. Highly suggest busting out the Kleenex before you read the following:

Happy Anniversary Ba....One year ago today looked a whole lot different. I can’t imagine this last year without you to Clorox groceries and avoid the world with. When I asked you to be my wife , we had no idea our first year would look like this...They always say “the first year is the hardest”, but in our case it was for completely different reasons and I’m so in awe of your badassery. How you’re able to be the mom, individual, wife, spirit, and tie dye influencer you are, while making it look so easy is mind boggling and I don’t know what I did right to deserve being on the receiving end of it. Thank you for being the most steady , supportive , empathetic, loving, and passionate. Thank you for the endless hours of indulging my obsession with deceased songwriters and pretending it interests you. Thank you for making me drink water and eat breakfast. You make me so much better. You make our family what it is. You’re the only thing that makes me cry through the Prozac. I love you.

Extremely sweet, yes. But, honestly, I would not expect anything less from the man who has his wife's name tattooed on his butt cheek.

ICYMI, this is literally a picture of Koma's butt cheek that he posted to his Instagram on Sept. 21:

While Duff doesn't (as far as I know) have Koma's name tattooed on her butt cheek, she did also do some gushing of her own on her Instagram page in honor of their one-year anniversary.

Alongside a candid shot of them with a full plate of apps at their wedding, Duff wrote:

I love this moment so much. Matt and I were both too nervous to eat the day of our wedding .. this is directly after ....we slammed a plate of apps someone brought us before taking pictures and this pretty much sums us up ..Snacking through life, dreaming about dinner at 7 am and wrangling kids. Oh, and dodging covid the first year of marriage😕. Always with you babe. For you. Over and over I choose you and this ♥️ thank you for being a damn good man. Best I’ve ever met 12-21-19Thanks for drinking two cups or water today... baby steps Old dogs can learn new tricks 👏🏻

Happy anniversary to these two lovebirds!!