Marian's Story On 'Sharp Objects' Is Still A Mystery To Fans, But The Truth Is Coming Out


Sharp Objects presents itself as a mystery story about the murders of two pre-teen girls, and the hunt for the serial killer that follows. But in reality, it's a mystery about the deaths of three girls in Wind Gap. There's Natalie Keene who was killed just before the story starts. There's Ann Nash, who was murdered the summer previously. And there's Marian Crellin, who died 18 years ago. Marian's death on Sharp Objects is suggested to have been a tragic illness, or perhaps a medical accident. But this week, it seems like it was as much murder as Keene and Nash. Warning: Spoilers For Sharp Objects follow. This post only discusses the happenings in the TV series so far.

This week was a bit of an odd episode, with Chief Vickery crowing on about how they're about to wrap up the mystery, solve all the crimes, and take John Keene down once and for all. But neither Detective Willis or Camille are paying him much mind.

Camille, in fact, once she learns Keene is getting arrested, she goes to find him and hide from the cops with him. Willis, on the other hand, is chasing a different case altogether: Marian's.


Willis' investigation turns up a nurse, Beverly, who suspected the case was not all it seemed. She pulls out a medical file the size of something one would expect for an elderly person who's lived until 100, not a middle aged woman. She points out how Adora never had the same doctors twice, how she switched out in-home caregivers like they were decorations, how the kid was never actually diagnosed with anything wrong with her. Munchausen-By-Proxy syndrome, says Beverly. But when she tried to report it, someone went behind the scenes and wrecked her career.

Though it's not clear who wrecked Beverly's career, when Willis goes to Vickery with this new evidence, he knows way too much about what happened to the nurse for comfort. He's also not about to listen to anyone suggesting Adora might have murdered her own child or that she might be tied to Keene and Nash's murders. Nope, he's arresting John for this murder, like it or not, and that's final.


But Vickery didn't get everyone who suspected. Someone else tried to get their hands on those files Willis has now, but they were denied access. When Willis leaves the medical records for Camille to find, and she reads it, she immediately knows who: Jackie.

Jackie has always known something was wrong. She guessed earlier on, and it's part of why she's always been so kind to Camille, knowing what a monster she lived with. But Jackie couldn't save Camille, any more than she could save Marian. Or Amma, who allows herself to be coddled and poisoned, rather than fight back.

Can Camille prove what's in those files is happening now? Does it make Adora the murderer of all three children?

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