7 Lyrics You Definitely Used As An Embarrassing AIM Away Message


If you grew up in the '90s or the early '00s, AIM was probably your lifeblood. It was the best way to like *super* casually ask your crush for the math homework, gossip about middle school life with friends, and maybe, occasionally slip into an R-rated chat room just to see what the deal was. Now that the instant messaging service is officially shutting down this year, it's time to look back on some lyrics for AIM away messages that we all probably, most definitely used as some point. You know, just in case you've too sufficiently buried away the emotional pangs of adolescence.

AOL announced on Oct. 6 that it will officially be shutting down AIM in December, forcing us all to bid an emotional goodbye to the little yellow man that was probably responsible for causing 99 percent of middle school drama. Michael Albers, communications products VP at Oath, explained,

AIM tapped into new digital technologies and ignited a cultural shift, but the way in which we communicate with each other has profoundly changed.

The internet was definitely having many, many feelings about this decision, and took to Twitter to bid a fond TTYL to AIM.

Perhaps the worst part of losing AIM? Saying goodbye to the countless, carefully crafted, passive aggressive away messages, containing a perfectly curated song lyric that captured your current emotional state. Or, if they existed today, the subtweet to end all subtweets.

Here's seven song lyrics that we all probably used to express ourselves at some point.

Bright Eyes

Remember Conor Oberst, the raspy-voiced, pained, emotional wheelhouse behind the band Bright Eyes? Or maybe this will jog your memory:

I've got a flask inside my pocket we can share it on the train / If you promise to stay conscious I will try and do the same.

So dark, so brooding, so perfect for all those emotional days when someone was flirting a different girl in Humanities class.

Simple Plan

Ugh, Simple Plan. They were so cute with their spikey hair and they also just GOT what it felt like when your parents were annoying you.

Shout-out to the perfect AIM away message:

I'm just a kid and life is a nightmare / I'm just a kid, I know that it's not fair.

Miss you, Pierre.

John Mayer

His silky vocals were the perfect antidote to all feelings of angst and sadness. Also I remember "Your Body Is A Wonderland" was very thrilling and a little raunchy to listen to as a pre-teen, despite having zero context.

You want love? / We'll make it / Swim in a deep sea of blankets.


Ohhhh "The Reason" by Hoobastank. The perfect "I'm sorry" lyrics for the boyfriend/girlfriend you dated for a week and then promptly stopped talking to.

I'm sorry that I hurt you / It's something I must live with everyday / And all the pain I put you through / I wish I could take it all away.

Death Cab For Cutie

If you have not listened to "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" since your Discman days, go and do it right now. You will immediately want to curl up under your covers and write all your feelings down in your spiral bound notebook.

Love of mine, someday you will die / But I'll be close behind and I'll follow you into the dark.

K-Ci & JoJo

OK, have to give a shout-out to K-CI & JoJo for producing "All My Life," aka the ultimate middle school slow dance song. Those very opening chords meant that maybe, just maybe, you would get to sway with your crush, while making zero eye-contact.

All my life I've prayed for someone like you / And I hope that you feel the same way too / Yes, I pray that you do love me too.

Literally away message gold there.

The Killers

Ah, "Mr. Brightside" by The Killers. Never totally understood what the song lyrics meant, but they were very intense and therefore excellent away message material. Or at least better than "brb" and "eating dinner."

It started out with a kiss / How did it end up like this /I t was only a kiss, it was only a kiss.

In some ways, it might be nice that we're all bidding farewell to AIM, and thus saying goodbye to our Avril Lavigne-level complicated middle school selves. G2G. TTY-never.