Louis Included A Shoutout To 1D In His New Video That'll Make You Emotional


Louis Tomlinson's debut solo album, Walls, has been five years in the making. Ever since One Direction parted ways in 2015, Tomlinson has released a collection of solo singles, and, while fans loved them all, they couldn't wait to hear Tomlinson's debut solo record the most. Ahead of the album's release on Jan. 31, Louis Tomlinson shared his "Walls" music video, and it's making fans emotional for one huge reason: it gives a huge shoutout to One Direction.

The video began with Tomlinson exploring the Moroccan desert, before sitting on a chair attached to a high wall, laying on the floor as ballroom dancers go around him, and getting lost among a crowd of masked individuals. "But these high walls, they came up short/ Now I stand taller than them all / These high walls never broke my soul / And I, I watched them all come fallin' down," Tomlinson sang.

There's no doubt the scenes and props symbolized feelings of loneliness, especially since Tomlinson seemed detached from the rest of the people in the video.

There was one part, however, when Tomlinson didn't seem so alone. Toward the end of the clip, fans saw four silhouetted figures standing in front of a spotlight. Of course, fans thought this was a nod to Tomlinson's former One Direction bandmates: Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik. Even though fans couldn't see the figures' faces, their distinct hair styles, which included one member with long hair, convinced fans they were meant to represent One Direction towards the end of their run together.


Tomlinson then joined them, completing the five-member group. Almost immediately after he joined them, however, the member on the far right (the one representing Malik) disappeared.

The special scene happened during the song's chorus, when Tomlinson sang, "So this one is a thank you for what you did to me / Why is it that thank-yous are so often bittersweet? / I just hope I see you one day, and you say to me, 'Oh, oh.'"

Fans thought the scene was a tribute to Tomlinson's time with One Direction, which is especially meaningful since he's only week away from dropping a record of his own.

Watch Tomlinson's "Walls" music video below.

As his latest video shows, no matter how much time passes since Tomlinson's time with One Direction, he will never forget his four bandmates as he goes further into his solo career.