Lizzo Made Niall Horan Blush By Dropping This Bold Pick-Up Line

Monica Schipper/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lizzo isn't afraid to voice what she wants, which she apparently made clear when she tried shooting her shot with a former One Direction member. While making an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Niall Horan shared the one time that the "Good as Hell" songstress made a play for him — and it's just as bold as you'd expect. According to the "Nice to Meet Ya" hitmaker, Lizzo’s pick-up line for Niall Horan when they first met left him speechless and flustered.

While promoting his music on the show in a segment that aired Thursday, Dec. 12, Horan told Jimmy Fallon how the Grammy-nominated singer came on to him during their first meeting.

"I was in London doing a radio performance in the studio," he recalled. "[Lizzo] was coming in to do an interview in the studio as well, and someone said, ‘Oh, Lizzo’s here! She’d love to meet you.'"

He continued, "So we’re passing in the corridor, I was like, ‘Ah! Lovely to meet you!’ I gave her a big hug. ‘Your voice is incredible. Your songs are amazing. You’re absolutely smashing it.'"

"And literally, without missing a beat, she just went, ‘You can smash this!'" he said, replicating his shocked expression and doing a slow clap. "And I was just like, ‘Fair play.' I actually started blushing myself!"

Pick-up lines aside, it seems like there's no awkwardness between the two, as they were spotted hugging it out ahead of the Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden on Friday, Dec. 13.

While there might not be anything romantic between them, something tells me that Lizzo is doing just fine.


Just days earlier, the "Truth Hurts" songstress made headlines when she voiced her interest for her "baby," the Minnesota Timberwolves’ basketball player Karl-Anthony Towns, while sitting courtside at a game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Timberwolves.

While speaking to a reporter, Lizzo said, "Both teams are great. I’m personally cheering for No. 32. That’s my baby!"

While the singer admitted that she hadn't met Towns yet, she did reveal that the athlete had her feeling a certain type of way as she started singing a remixed version of her hit "Truth Hurts," swapping out "New man on the Minnesota Vikings" for "New man on the Minnesota Timberwolves."

Lizzo's appearance at the game also made headlines for another, albeit more controversial, reason. Fans were divided after the star got up during the game and showed her thong when she started twerking to her song "Juice." However, the singer made it clear that she was not paying attention to the haters during an interview with CBS This Morning, saying "It’s their opinion. It’s not for me to really ingest, it’s for them to express and for me to choose to listen to or not."

"I think no one would have ever saw what I was wearing, like the back of it, if I didn’t get up and dance," she added about the viral moment. "The Laker girls came up to me and said, 'We’re so excited that you’re here, we want to perform one of your songs for you.' And I remember I was sitting there and I was with my manager and my friend and they were like, 'You should get up and dance, they’re doing this for you,' and I was like, 'All right.'"

From the sound of things, the singer is letting the criticism roll off her back and continuing to be unapologetically herself, bold pick-up lines and all.