Lizzo Sent A Powerful Message About Voter Suppression In Her BBMAs Acceptance Speech

Aaron J. Thornton/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Lizzo used her platform to send an important message at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards, and her speech was nothing short of perfection. After accepting the award for Top Song Sales Artist, Lizzo took a few moments to encourage fans to get out and have their voice heard in the upcoming election, and she did it in a way that resonated with people of all ages and backgrounds. Lizzo's 2020 BBMAs acceptance speech was a powerful reminder to get out and vote.

Wearing a dress that had the word "vote" all over it, Lizzo said: "I've been thinking a lot about suppression and the voices that refused to be suppressed. And I wonder, 'Would I be standing here right now if it weren't for the big black women who refused to have their voices be suppressed?'"

She continued: "If you’re at home watching this and you are thinking about changing yourself to feel worthy, this is your sign to remain true to who you are. Let me tell y'all something: When people try to suppress something, it's normally because that thing holds power. They are afraid of your power. There is power in who you are. There's power in your voice."

Lizzo concluded her speech encouraging viewers to use their power in any way they know how. "So whether it's through music, protest, or your right to vote, use your power, use your voice, and refuse to be suppressed," she said.

Hours before taking the stage at the BBMAs, Lizzo used social media to raise awareness about the importance of voting. "Hey YOU," she wrote on Instagram. "Have you felt the same disconnect from this country? Have YOU felt like this nation is your house but not your home? It’s because we are on stolen land trying to live within laws written by white men FOR white men in 1787. I see YOU using your power of protest and your freedom of speech. I see YOU unlearning the narrow scope of our history and seeking the truth. ITS TIME TO USE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE."

Lizzo is proving she can use her voice to not just sing, but also to advocate for important issues, like everyone exercising their right to vote and change the world.