Why The Hopeless Romantic Will Find Everything She's Looking For In A Small Town

If you're a hopeless romantic, you adore anything that gives your heart butterflies and sets your soul on fire. It's an uplifting perspective of life that truly allows you to acknowledge and enjoy the sweet, little things. As much as you're good at finding peace wherever you are on the globe, living in a small town is perfect for the hopeless romantic.

If you've lived in a big city your whole life, the thought of packing up and moving to a small town might make you a bit nervous. Small towns deserve a lot more hype than they're given, though. There are countless lists of the best small towns to live in, because people — aside from the ones who live there — deserve to know about how great they are. A small town could really give you a break from the demands and exhausting lifestyle of the big city.

When it comes to small towns, "small" doesn't really mean downsizing. The population may be lower, but you get so many unique qualities in return. Again, it's not for everyone, but there's no doubt small towns and hopeless romantics are meant for each other. Hopeless romantics are in search of even more reasons to love and enjoy life, and it would only take these eight things for their hearts to be set on packing their bags.

The Sense Of Community Is Unreal

In a small town, everyone basically knows everyone. The unity is something you don't really get in a big city. You actually know your neighbors, and when there are annual events, expect the majority of the town to be out and about socializing and swapping baked goods.

The Smooth Pace Gives You A Ton Of Time To Live In The Present

A smooth pace does good for the mind. A hopeless romantic likes to not only be present in the moment, but to be able to genuinely appreciate her surroundings. The slower pace of a small town allows you to take everything in, and slowly but surely, fall in love with it.

There's No Pressure To Mingle, But When You Do, It's Not Awkward

People are more than willing to say hello and mingle in a small town. You can have your nose behind a book in the coffee shop or engage in a full-blown conversation with the handsome barista. It's an even balance that's suitable for both introverts and extroverts.

There's Adventure In Every Bookstore And Thrift Shop

Small towns are less likely to have a bunch of franchised shops. There are cute bookstores and one of a kind mom and pop shops you can explore. Don't even get me started on the thrift and antique shops. Ultimately, shopping will bring an entirely new element of fun to your life, and your wanderlust will be soaring through the roof.

Scenic Car Rides Are Less Interrupted By Traffic

To a hopeless romantic, the open road really is a safe space to let your heart and mind wander. No one wants their carefree groove to be disrupted by traffic. In a small town, the roads are clearer, and that means Sunday drives with the windows rolled down can be extremely relaxing.

The Art Will Steal Your Heart

The art community in a small town is likely so fulfilling. The hopeless romantic will love the trinkets and unique art styles that originate in such a small town. Art is all about perspective, and it's a surefire way to get a feel for any new place and the locals.

No Light Pollution Means Stargazing On The Reg

No matter where you go, the night sky will be there. It's safe to say it's way more visible in a small town than in a big city. It seems like it's a totally new world, because you can actually point out constellations with ease. If stars aren't romantic, then I don't know what is.

You May Be New, But You'll Feel Like You Belong

Small towns can give you such a homey vibe. It doesn't necessarily represent where you're from, but it's somewhere you feel like you truly belong. A sense of belonging is what makes a place your home, and the intimate vibes of a small town provide you with exactly that.

Loving your surroundings directly affects how much you enjoy and appreciate life. A small town may just be the environment change you need in your life right now.