Lil Dicky's "Earth" Lyrics Are Hilarious, But Actually Send A Super Important Message

by Hollee Actman Becker

The day has finally arrived, fam! We've been waiting for new music from Justin Bieber ever since his manager, Scooter Braun, sent out a cryptic tweet back in January that hinted we'd be getting new tunes at some point this year. And now OMFG you guys, that music is here in the form of a collaboration with the hilarious rapper, Lil Dicky! That's right — while we were all busy focusing on whether or not there was going to be a second Justin and Hailey wedding — the "Love Yourself" singer busy working on sweet, sweet tunes with Lil Dicky. And you have to hear Justin Bieber and Lil Dicky's "Earth" lyrics because they are so deeeeep and hilarious, man!

First the Jonas Brothers, now this. What a year 2K19 is shaping up to be! I mean, all of us Beliebers been out here waiting for the much-anticipated follow-up to Purpose since Braun sent out his since-deleted "@justinbieber jb5!?!?" tweet shortly after the New Year. He then followed that tweet up with another one: "2019 is gonna be a wild one. I just feel it," he wrote. And, like, same, dude. Same.

Of course, fans were hoping Braun wasn't just messing with us about new music, because it was really starting to seem like it may not ever happen. But apparently I was so caught up in my job, didn't see what was going on — yes, I just did that — until Bieber announced the big news on April 9 by RT-ing Lil Dicky's tweet promoting their collab.

He hyped the song again on April 15, tweeting, "Friday. Let's save the world @lildickytweets."

And Lil Dicky and Bieber weren't exaggerating when they said their aim is to save the Earth. While this song is just as hilarious as the Lil Dicky jams you're used to, it actually has an important underlying message about where the Earth is headed if we don't address climate change. In Dicky's interview on The Ellen Show about the song, he revealed that he's even consulting Leonardo DiCaprio on where the proceeds from the song should go to best contribute to turning the environmental crisis around.

Without any further ado, here are the lyrics to Lil Dicky's latest celebrity-filled, hilarious rap jam — and who sings each part!

Justin Bieber: Hi, I'm a baboon / I'm like a man, just less advanced, and my anus is huge.
Ariana Grande: Hey, I'm a zebra / no one knows what I do, but I look pretty cool, in my white or black
Halsey: I'm a lion cub, and I'm always getting licked. Meow!
Zac Brown: How's it going? I'm a cow. Moo! / You drink milk from my tits
Brendan Urie: I'm a fat, f*cking pig
Hailee Steinfeld: I'm a common fungus
Wiz Khalifa: I'm a disgruntled skunk, shoot you out my butthole
Snoop Dogg: I'm a marijuana plant, I can get you f*cked up
Kevin Hart: and I'm Kanye West
Adam Levine: Ba-dum-da-dum-dum, ba-dum-da-di / We are the vultures, feed on the dead
Shawn Mendes: We're just some rhinos, horny has heck
Charlie Puth: I'm just a giraffe, wants with his neck
Sia: Hippity-hop, I'm a kangaroo / I hop up there, up and down for you
Miley Cyrus: I'm an elephant, I got junk in my trunk
Lil Jon: What the f*ck? I'm a clam!
Rita Ora: I'm a wolf. Howl!
Miguel: I'm a squirrel, lookin' for my next nut
Katy Perry: And I'm a pony, just a freak horse / But c'mon get on, giddee-up, let's ride
Lil Yachty: I'm HPV, don't let me in
Ed Sheeran: I'm a koala and I sleep all the time / So what? It's cute
Meghan Trainor: We love you, India
Joel Embiid: We love you, Africa
Tory Lanez: We love the Chinese

The Backstreet Boys, John Legend, Bad Bunny, and Kris Wu also had small parts in this as well. Here's a recap of everyone involved:


So, literally everyone who's anyone had a part in this song and it truly has an amazing message. And you have to appreciate how humorous it is, too!