What You Need To Know About Every Stage Of Your Relationship With A Leo

by Rosey Baker
Stocksy / Studio Firma

If you've ever fallen victim to a heart-stopping, sweat-inducing crush on a Leo male, let me begin by extending to you my greatest sympathies. You are in for the ride of your life -- emotionally and sexually, if it gets that far. There is one thing -- and one thing only -- you will remember from the beginning of your crush on a Leo male, and that is how it comes on like a car crash. You're gonna need a guide for how to handle every stage of your relationships with Leo men, known for taking the lead, because you won't even know what's hit you. You're just coasting along in your everyday life, and suddenly you see some unavoidable figure headed straight for you; before you know it, you can't even try to avoid them. It'll feel like everything's happening in slow motion and way too fast, simultaneously. Following that moment, you're just searching for the curb after the wreck, trying to retrace your steps and figure out just exactly how you got here in the first place.

But to help you figure that out, here's a handy road guide for how to handle every stage of your relationship with your Leo man, because we all need a map. These guys aren't easy to navigate.

The First Date

If you want to go out with a Leo male, you're gonna have to wait for them to make the first move. If you meet them on Bumble, don't put a full-court-press on this guy, as they like to lead. When it comes to the dance of "he loves me, loves me not," Leo men like to lead.

If you're an Aries, or a Taurus, you might have a hard time with this, but you'll have to hold back. Consider it an exercise in inner peace. If he likes you, you'll know it. Leos pull out all the stops for the one they choose to go after. You can expect a candlelit dinner at a nice restaurant with a car to pick you up. These guys are the "Mr. Big" of the zodiac.

The First "Time"

Of course, I mean the first time you hook up. We aren't children here, amirite? Hopefully your bed isn't surrounded by hairspray or outlets, because Leos will straight up set that aflame. The chemistry is going to be so good, you'll forget any red flags you might have seen up until this point. You'll conveniently and selectively forget about how you took the back seat and let things happen naturally. You might even start a journal devoted to this so you have room to write about the rest of your life. You'll feel like a prisoner and a victim of Stockholm Syndrome.

Do your best to stay cool. Remember, you can't have great physical chemistry by yourself. If it was good for you, it was good for him. He'll call if he's into you.

If you've been on a bunch of dates with your Leo, but he hasn't made an effort to take this next step, just keep in mind he's trying to figure out if he wants, too. Leo men treat intimacy like the big deal it is, and the longer he waits, the more seriously he takes you and your emotions. Try not to be offended by that or to skew it into some kind of insult to you.

Meeting Your Friends/ Meeting His Friends

If your relationship is ready for it, you may be ready to introduce your Leo man to your friends, and that's a good move, because Leos shine in social situations. Leo men are natural-born leaders, and they have an animal magnetism that draws people toward them.

When you meet his friends, you don't need to feel the same pressure to perform. Leo doesn't mind taking the stage for the both of you, and won't really care how his friends feel about you. When a Leo has opened his heart to you, he will remain loyal and stick by your side no matter what.

The First Birthday/Holiday/Anniversary

When it comes to celebrations, Leos really know how to throw a party. They'll organize a surprise birthday party, enlisting the help of your friends to make sure you know how much you are loved and appreciated, not only by them but by everyone else in your life, too. They love to feel popular, appreciated, and adored, so they'll make sure you feel that way! Be sure to return the favor though, because if you miss one birthday, one anniversary, or one holiday by forgetting to get them a gift, it won't go unnoticed.

Leo might consider it beneath him to point out where you slacked off, but the truth is that if they don't get the love they know they deserve, they'll remember. Your mistakes will go on a list.

Your First Fight

As I mentioned above, mistakes will go on a list. Leo doesn't like to lower themselves to fighting, as they consider themselves to be too noble for it; the problem here is they forget they're human beings. You might have to be the one to open up communication and touch base, because the truth is, this sign isn't great with confrontation, and sometimes this can lead him to be very secretive. He might seek whatever he feels the relationship is lacking elsewhere.

Partially, it's the Leo male's loyalty that keeps him from fighting with you; he wants to assume only the best about the one he loves. But more precious to him than even you are is his pride. He simply cannot fathom a world in which he is wrong, and if he is, he can't imagine a world where he shouldn't be forgiven. This is problematic for a number of reasons. Not only is it wrong, but it keeps him from learning from his mistakes.

That said, when a male Leo cares about you, he will fight with you and FOR you, no matter how much he hates to fight.

The Breakup

Obviously, my hope for you is that you and your Leo male are so insanely compatible that you spend the rest of your days together happy and content and never want to go elsewhere for any reason. But this is 2017. I mean, considering the number of marriages that end in divorce, it's safe to assume that those who don't make it down the aisle have an even higher rate of separation.

The good thing is that most Leo men are very good when it comes to breakups. They are as kind and generous and friendly in the midst of the breakup as they are in the relationship, and sometimes more so. This is infuriating, because it makes you feel alone in your agony. Keep your head up. Just because a relationship is ending doesn't make it a failure. At the very least you will remember this relationship as one of the most warm romances of your life.

Marriage & The Proposal

Let's say you do make it down the aisle with your Leo. You can expect nothing less than a positively photographic engagement. Leo will pull out all the stops for his proposal, complete with a photographer, and possibly your entire entourage as a couple.

Leos love a good party, too, so you can expect him to help participate in the wedding plans more than any other sign. After all, he considers himself a King, and Kings require nothing but the best for their chosen Queen!