Lea Michele’s Maid Of Honor Is Totally Unexpected In The Best Way Possible

by Brittney Morgan
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She's only been engaged for about two weeks now, but we already know who Lea Michele’s maid of honor is going to be, and Glee fans are sure to be absolutely delighted by the news. No word on when the wedding will be yet — the engagement news is still so fresh and new, after all! — but when Michele eventually marries fiancé Zandy Reich, a certain costar of hers will be standing right next to her.

On Wednesday, Michele shared an adorable, smiley selfie with longtime best friend and fellow Glee star Jonathan Groff on Instagram, captioning it "Maid of honor," along with a double pink heart emoji. It's a sweet move that might come as a bit of a surprise since "maid of honor" is usually a spot given to a female friend, but it totally makes sense. I mean, who wouldn't want such a close friend (the two have been friends for over a decade, after all!) and costar by their side on their big day, celebrating a major life step like this? Not to mention, the maid of honor is usually the person responsible for planning things like the bridal shower and bachelorette party — who better than a friend who's been there for you for years, like Groff has for Michele?

While it's unclear if "maid of honor" will be Groff's official title come the wedding day (maybe they'll switch things up a little bit!), what is clear is that their friendship is stronger than ever — and it's so, so cute.

Michele & Groff Go Way Back
leamichele on Instagram

Groff and Michele go way back — in fact, they've been friends since before they worked together on Glee. According to Teen Vogue, the two met while working on the musical Spring Awakening (both on and off Broadway) together, from 2006 to 2008, and they've been basically inseparable ever since.

After that, Michele went on to join the cast of Glee as Rachel Berry in 2009, with Groff following suit in 2010 as recurring character Jesse St. James. According to Bustle, they've hit up numerous red carpet events together and taken so many adorable selfies together over the years. Groff even interviewed Michele for Teen Vogue back in 2014. These two besties have nearly 12 years of friendship behind them — and clearly, so much more to look forward to.

More About The Happy Couple
leamichele on Instagram

In case this is your first time hearing the news of Michele's engagement, here's what you need to know about her relationship with Reich. Michele started dating Reich, who is the president of a clothing company called AYR, just under a year ago back in July 2017. According to a source in People, the couple were friends for years before things turned romantic between them.

Michele announced her engagement to Reich on Apr. 28 with a photo of her ring, sharing another adorable photo last week of them embracing and smiling at the beach. From her posts, it's clear there's a lot of chemistry there.

Body language expert Tonya Reiman told Elite Daily that Michele and Reich obviously have an intimate and affectionate relationship, and that it's clear that the couple "are close and have strong feelings for one another."

"Her hand is on his chest which indicates affection as well as possession," Reiman said, adding, "His arm is wrapped around her shoulder with closed fingers demonstrating mutual possession as well as protection."

All that's left to say is congratulations to the happy couple, and to Michele and Groff on a long lasting friendship! Here's hoping Michele shares more sweet details of her upcoming nuptials soon — perhaps more Glee costars will make their way into her bridal party? Only time will tell!

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