This Guy Proposed With 16 Dogs & A Disney Choir, Setting A New Bar For Engagements

by Candice Jalili

As a sex and dating writer, I've covered my fair share of engagement stories. And, trust me, they've all been Nicholas-Sparks-level romantic. But one beautiful proposal that recently took place literally has all of the elements of the perfect engagement... and then some. No, seriously. Laura Stampler and Maurice Goldstein's engagement included 16 dogs, her best friend, an incredible view, and an a cappella group serenading her with her favorite Disney songs.

First, let me give you some back story on why the dog thing was so special. You see, Stampler, 30, loves dogs. She loves them so much that she's actually written a book, Little Black Dresses, Little White Lies, about a girl who gets an internship as a teen dating blogger in NYC and winds up crushing on a dog walker, among other men. "[In the book,] there's an assortment of dogs and weird dog-related events," she tells Elite Daily. "Like a pug prom. And a Bark-Mitzvah."

But Stampler isn't the only one who loves dogs. They also hold a special place in 31-year-old Goldstein's heart. "Maurice's family's German shepherd Scout (who unfortunately couldn't be there due to some hip issues she's recovering from) has been running with a pack of dogs off-leash in the California mountains, led by Tony Vercillo for years," Stempler says. "Tony, a friend, was able to round a bunch of dogs together, and made our day incredibly special."

As for the other adorable elements, Goldstein turned to Stampler's friends for help. "He had actually consulted my friends for different parts of it! They are all such good liars," she says. "Although some wondered if there were too many elements during the proposal (a capella, hike, rose petals, loose dogs?) Maurice executed it perfectly. (He even hired Task Rabbits to park in front of the hike trail to save spots for people who were involved.) It was all incredibly meaningful and we then celebrated with both of our families at a restaurant after."

Oh, and - just when you thought it couldn't get any better, Goldstein had Rebecca Yale, Stampler's best friend and a professional photographer, capturing the entire thing on camera. The pictures are seriously gorgeous.

Check out the full video of the proposal here:

Their rom-com-worthy proposal makes sense, given their rom-com-worthy love story. "We met the summer of 2011, and although we were both seeing other people," Stampler tells Elite Daily. "We would randomly run into each other (walking to work on Broadway, on the way to brunch with friends in Chelsea) over the years. I always felt drawn to him — in the back of my head, I knew that we could be really compatible — but knew I wasn't ready yet. I honestly felt like if we got together, it could be the real deal."

"Then, like any good millennial, we reconnected over dating apps," she continued. "Although the story's slightly more interesting than that. So, I was covering the intersection of tech and culture at Time magazine, and in 2014 that meant dating apps! I'd written a mag feature on my own personal experiences and then would do a bunch of web write-ups on every new study/update/etc."

It wasn't until she had to do a piece on a new Tinder feature that Goldstein was catapulted into her life in a romantic way. "Tinder had just launched a new feature, so I went on my work phone to check it out," she recounted. "I must have seen Maurice and swiped right to say hello — but then un-downloaded the app on my phone once my story was done because I was in a (not-so-great) relationship at the time with someone who... treated me not-so-great-ly. (Also: He argued to keep Tinder on his phone during the relationship... younger Laura, read the room.) Suffice it to say, we didn't work out."

"Months later, when I was ready to date again, I re-downloaded the app and up came a really old message from Maurice," she recalled. "Anyway, I sent a very delayed response, he texted to ask me to drinks, and the rest is history. I haven't gone on a date with another person since."

I could not be more happy for this adorable couple and the obviously bright future they have ahead. As for the actual nuptials, they haven't got much planned yet (they literally just got engaged, you guys) but they have picked a destination.

"We don't have set plans yet, but it will definitely be in Los Angeles where we're both from, although we both live in New York (and met in New York)," she says. "I don't know if I'll be able to out-do a bouquet made out of puppies though."

Cheers to the happy couple and here's to hoping every day of their life together is just as wonderful as their puppy-filled proposal!