This Cookie-Flavored Hot Cocoa Mix Tastes Like Snickerdoodle For A Delicious Sip

From coast to coast, Mother Winter is alive and well. Washington D.C. just saw its biggest snow in nearly three years and California is bracing for a series of snow and rain events this week. Even where I live in sunny Florida, it's cool and breezy (prompting me to put on my warmest sweater). But not even my coziest sweatshirt can make me feel as warm and fuzzy on the inside as Land O' Lakes' Cookie-Flavored Hot Cocoa Mix does. This one is seriously going to take your hot chocolate game to another level.

Land O' Lakes Cookie-Flavored Hot Cocoa Mix is chock fill of four scrumptious flavors that will make your taste buds sing with delight. Here's what you'll find inside: Snickerdoodle, Gingerbread, Warm Oatmeal Cookie, and Sugar Cookie. Mmm. I can already taste the Snickerdoodle Hot Cocoa. Land O' Lakes Cookie-Flavored Hot Cocoa Mix Variety Packs are currently being sold on Amazon. Each variety pack comes with three, 1.25-ounce packets of each flavor, according to the product listing on Amazon's website.

Instagram food blogger @candyhunting spotted a sampler pack of the hot cocoa mix at a Hy-Vee store, according to an Instagram post by the blogger. I did a quick check for the hot cocoa at Target and Walmart, but it doesn't seem like either retailer is selling the product right now. I do want to point out that Walmart is selling *other* flavors of Land O' Lakes Hot Cocoa that sounds pretty delish. For instance, check out this Amaretto and Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix by Land O' Lakes, or this Irish Creme and Chocolate Flavor.


If you're not a coffee person, this is the perfect hot drink to make and take on your morning commute. Even if you are a coffee person, I think it's worth forgoing the caffeine in the name of hot cocoa that tastes like cookies. It doesn't take long to make, either. All you have to do is blend hot water with the packet of hot cocoa and voilà! You've got yourself a delicious drink to keep you nice and toasty when the temperatures drop.

Your best bet for finding the Cookie-Flavored Hot Cocoa Mix is by ordering a sampler box for yourself on Amazon. At the time of publication, the hot cocoa variety pack is selling for $12. That works out to $1 per hot cocoa packet, which is pretty dang good if you've ever bought hot chocolate from a coffee shop or bakery. Grab your mittens and get to sippin', because Land O' Lakes is serving up an appetizing sip.


I'm a fan of hot chocolate. It's not a drink I order often, but I still enjoy each sip every time I order hot cocoa. I don't often stray from the basic hot chocolate either, but Land O' Lakes' Cookie-Flavored Hot Cocoa is already in my Amazon shopping cart. The product qualifies for free two-day shipping for all Amazon Prime members. You can even have the hot cocoa pack delivered the same day if you order enough of it (or add other qualifying items to your cart for a total of $35 or more).

Here's to staying warm and having it taste like cookies this winter. Cheers.