Lana Condor's Story Of How She Met Her Real-Life BF Is Right Out Of A Rom Com

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Lana Condor basically became a household name in 2018 for her role in Netflix’s romantic comedy To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. But did you know that her real life romance with actor Anthony de la Torre was also basically a rom-com? In a recent interview with Us Weekly at a Golden Globes event, Condor revealed how she and de la Torre met and it’s a hilarious story. Lana Condor and Anthony de la Torre’s story of how they met will definitely make you smile!

Condor, 21, detailed the pick-up line de la Torre used when they first met. “His pickup line was just, ‘Hey, I’m Anthony. I thought I’d make a friend,’” she told Us Weekly. “So you go and you do that.”

According to Us Weekly, Condor revealed that de la Torre’s comments “worked” and that they met at Hollywood event. So, that’s pretty cute!

Condor also talked about her boyfriend’s dancing skills which, according to her, are way better than her own. “I mean, he puts me to shame,” she said. “Usually, I just stand and watch,” she said.

Back in August 2018, when Condor was promoting To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, she told Us Weekly that de la Torre was fond of writing her love letters. When asked what the most romantic thing de la Torre has done for her was, she revealed that he likes writing her letters.

“He writes me love letters, actually!” she said. “He’s done that since we started dating and I keep them all. We try to keep the spark alive!”

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But de la Torre isn’t the only one who enjoys writing letters. Condor is fond of the activity, too, and writes letters to pretty much anyone she can think of.

“I do a lot of journaling,” Condor told Us Weekly at the time. “When I have a lot of emotion going on, I’ll write. I write letters to my family, my boyfriend, anyone I’m trying to get my point across to. It’s easier for me to express myself.”

More recently, Condor has been opening up little by little about the sequel for To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. At the moment, very little in known about it, but Condor revealed to Entertainment Tonight in a January 2019 interview that she has high hopes for it.

"I know I'm in it! I know Noah's in it. That's literally it,” Condor said of the sequel. “And I read the second book, so that's what I know and I feel like that's all I need to know until, eventually, things fall into place."

She also talked about a specific scene from the book that she hopes will be in the film.

“I love when Lara Jean and John Ambrose go to the [nursing] home," she said. "I love the snow... that moment when John Ambrose and her are in the snow playing. When I read that, it was romantic to me. Every little girl thinks about a kiss in the snow with someone that they might like. For me, I would love [it] more than anything ‘cause it’s romantic and cute!"

Well, here’s hoping that scene makes it into the movie!