Prepare For Heartbreak, Because Lady Gaga & Christian Carino Have Ended Their Engagement

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The last several months have been quite a ride for Lady Gaga. Between the rave reviews she’s gotten for A Star Is Born and the fact that she’s been nominated for an Oscar, things have been going well for the superstar. But her love life has taken a turn as of late. Unfortunately, Lady Gaga and Christian Carino have ended their engagement. Elite Daily reached out to their teams for comment on the breakup, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

According to a Feb. 19 report from People, Lady Gaga's rep confirmed the breakup, but did not give any details. However, a source close to the situation revealed to People that the breakup was the result of a natural parting of ways rather than anything more dramatic or news-worthy.

“It just didn’t work out. Relationships sometimes end,” the source said. “There’s no long dramatic story.”

Rumors of a possible split began circulating after Gaga attended the Grammys on Feb. 10 sans her engagement ring. Carino, 49, wasn't on hand that night either, so fans immediately started to wonder if something was amiss in the relationship.

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In the days following Gaga's Grammys appearance, a source revealed to E! News that she and Carino had already broken up and that Carino was "desperately trying to get back together."

In that same report, though, two other sources explained that Gaga and Carino were still very much an item.

"She just wasn't wearing her ring due to performing," another source told E!. "They have put all their wedding plans on hold until after Gaga's busy season, but still plan to get married this year."

I guess that first source was on the right track since it's been confirmed that Gaga and Carino are definitely not together anymore. It's an unfortunate situation, but relationships end all the time and people have to do what's best for them at the end of the day.

Gaga and Carino started dating in early February 2017 when Gaga was preparing to do the Super Bowl Half-time show. Later that year, in September 2017, Gaga reportedly told a crowd of fans that she was "in love" with Carino.

“When I went backstage, Christian was by the stairs making sure I was OK,” Gaga said. “The best part about being in love with someone is having them there to catch you if you fall.”

Then, in October 2018, the singer confirmed that she and Carino were engaged by referring to him as her "fiancé Christian" while making an emotional speech at Elle's 25th Annual Women in Hollywood Celebration.

Prior to her relationship with Carino, Gaga was engaged to actor Taylor Kinney. The two broke off their engagement in July 2016, six months before Gaga and Carino started dating. For the most part, Gaga has kept her relationships relatively private, so many of the details surrounding her love life are not known. One thing is for sure, though, Gaga has the support of her fans no matter who she's dating. Here's how they're reacting to the news of her split on Twitter:

So, even though her love life isn't going as planned, Gaga at least has the love of her fans.