Kylie Jenner's Photo Of Stormi Wearing Hoop Earrings Has Fans Split

Kylie's Fans Have Mixed Feelings About Stormi's New Hoop Earrings

Pierre Suu/GC Images/Getty Images

Stormi Webster is always on top of her fashion game. At just 2 years old, the tiny tot's already established herself as a fashion icon, having graced the cover of Vogue Arabia with her mom, Kylie Jenner, in July 2019. Also, if you glimpsed Jenner's tour of Stormi's playroom, then you clocked the amazing personalized Louis Vuitton bag sitting in her closet. Most fans would agree, Jenner dresses her daughter in some of the cutest ensembles. However, Kylie Jenner's photo of Stormi wearing hoop earrings has fans on the fence.

On Feb. 18, Jenner shared a few adorable photos of Stormi wearing a personalized pair of hoop earrings, along with a white tank top, white shorts, and Nikes. "Go best friend," Jenner wrote under the carousel post on Instagram, clearly excited about her daughter's athleisure-esque getup. Not all of Jenner's fans were impressed, though.

The photos drew varying reactions from those who thought hoop earrings were "too grown" for the toddler to those who thought Stormi looked too cute for words.

Here's what fans were saying on Twitter: "Stormi’s name plate hoops are so f*ckin cute wtf," tweeted one fan.

Some fans worried Stormi might get hurt if her hoops happen to get caught on something while she is playing.

"'Kylie won’t be all 'go best friend' when Stormi rips her earlobes open when she pulls on them hoops," tweeted another.

A few others felt hoop earrings were too mature for a 2-year-old.

"Lord please help Kylie them big *ss name hoops in stormi ears but she still sucks on a pacifier," wrote another.

While other fans called out mommy-shamers in the comments section.

"All the Karens and Susans complaining not only about Stormi using big hoops but also shaming Kylie for piercing her kid’s ears like they’re worried about someone else's kid but theirs," wrote another fan.

Stormi's hoops may have some fans in their feelings, but it's really not that serious. Parents raise their children differently and Jenner has the right to parent Stormi however she sees fit. In other news, Stormi is working those hoops, and looks like she really enjoys them.