Kylie Jenner Showed Off Her Natural Hair & Nails On Insta For The First Time In A While

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

"Kylie Jenner" and "natural" aren't necessarily two things I associate with each other, but she's out here to prove me wrong, I guess. In an Instagram Live, Jenner said her quarantine beauty routine involves going natural with her hair, her nails, and lash extensions. And she's already given fans a sneak peek into what that looks like.

Follow Jenner or Instagram for virtually any period of time, and odds are you'll see the reality star with at least two different hair colors. Jenner's transformed her natural dark brown, almost black hair to pink, purple, teal, blue, platinum blonde, and even more fantasy and naturally-occurring colors through the use of wigs and extensions, though she's full-on dyed her hair in the past.

Now, however, the beauty mogul is turning a new leaf in terms of her beauty routine, given the fact that salons are closed due to the current coronavirus pandemic, and Jenner is currently quarantining. In a recent Instagram story, she showed off her now-shoulder-length, bronde hair — no wig in sight — as well as her natural nails, free of her usual super long, squared-off acrylics, in an Instagram Story captioned, "Hair health journey RN."

In an Instagram Live with her best friend Stassie Karanikolaou, Jenner said she felt "so uncomfortable" without her usual long nails after Karanikolaou commented on Jenner's natural hair and shorter manicure. Elaborating on why she was sporting a much more "natural" look, Jenner said, "I just feel like this is such a good time to just take your hair out and your nails out. No lashes."

The last time fans got a glimpse of Jenner's wig-free, natural hair was on Monday, March 9, when she posted a quick glimpse of her roots being shadowed. At that time, Jenner's bronde hair only hit her jawline. Judging from how much it's already grown between then and now, I'd say Jenner's hair health journey is a welcome breath of fresh air for her natural locks.