Kylie Jenner's Hair Evolution Is Filled With So Many Stylish Twists & Turns

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Kylie Jenner's hair changes like the wind. Be it with dye or wigs, the makeup mogul is always adjusting her tresses to match her look for the day, and it's given her fans serious hair inspiration over the years. Kylie Jenner's hair evolution goes through just about every color in the rainbow, it seems. And trying to keep up with her ever-changing style is a hard feat, but we're breaking down all of the different hair looks she's sported over the years. Doing the Lord's work, I know.

For a while, Jenner mimicked her older Kardashian sisters' hairstyles, in that she kept her hair long and dark. She would switch between having her hair straight and having her hair curly for most public events, but like lots of women, as she grew older, Jenner started experimenting with different styles and colors. Now, she mainly resorts to wigs if she wants to change up her hair, letting her natural hair have a bit of a break, but who knows when she's going to dye her natural hair next?

One thing's for sure, Kylie Jenner's hair journey has had a bunch of twists and turns. Let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

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