Kristin Cavallari Blasted Plastic Surgery Rumors With The Most Epic Clapback

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Kristin Cavallari has quite a lot to say to those who believe she’s undergone plastic surgery on her face. When an Instagram account recently speculated that Cavallari had done extensive work to her face, the reality star clapped back in an epic way. Kristin Cavallari’s response to plastic surgery rumors set the record straight once and for all.

The whole thing started when Instagram account run by “a yogi master injector” posted photos of Cavallari comparing her look from The Hills to her look from the 2019 Golden Globes and suggested that she’d had some serious work done. Here’s what that account had to say about Cavallari’s face:

From The hills to the red carpet @goldenglobes @kristincavallari is looking fabulous💉💉💉💉💋💋💋💋💄💄💄💄 It appears she keeps it fresh and natural by lip, cheek and under eye filler and Botox to the frown, forehead and crows feet!

It wasn’t long before Cavallari responded to the post and corrected the Instagram user on some of their plastic surgery assumptions.

"I've actually never touched my face but thanks for the compliment I guess," Cavallari wrote in the comments section of the post. "Maybe get your facts straight before u start making claims like that. I'm proud to be injectable free."

The exchange was picked up by popular Instagram account commentsbycelebs and reposted as part of a gallery on Monday, Jan. 7. You can check out the comparison photos and Cavallari’s comments here.

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Cavallari is clearly passionate about maintaining an all-natural look and she’s actually been advocating for an injectable-free lifestyle for quite some time. Back in 2016, Cavallari revealed to E! News some of her best-kept beauty secrets. In her interview with the outlet, Cavallari talked about her favorite non-product related beauty advice.

“Sounds stupid to say, but drink a lot of water and make sure to take your makeup off at night,” she said. “If I don't take off my makeup at night, my skin feels so clogged and disgusting. For me personally, that's huge.”

I guess that’s the reason why her skin looks so fantastic all the time! Aside from maintaining a healthy skincare routine, Cavallari hopes her genes will do most of the work to keep her looking well-rested. In a January 2017 interview with Us Weekly, Cavallari explained that she doesn’t have a need for Botox as she feels confident in her genes.

“I have yet to do any Botox — my goal is to never get Botox,” Cavallari said. "My mom has never done anything with her skin and she looks great, so hopefully I’ll be OK, but that’s my goal. I’m going to do everything I can to not get any injections.”

Needless to say, Cavallari is committed to being injectable-free as she stated in response to those plastic surgery rumors. And that’s a pretty admirable stance to take in an industry with so much pressure to look perfect all the time. Not that there’s anything wrong with getting injectables (celebs should be able to do whatever they want to their own bodies without judgment!). But it just goes to show that Cavallari is her own person, which is great!