Kristen Stewart Has Her Proposal All Planned Out & I'm Screaming

by Candice Jalili
Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It may seem like you were literally just pinning pictures of her and Edward Cullen — erm, Robert Pattinson — to your wall, but Kristen Stewart's plans to propose are here to remind us all that she's living her best life in 2019 with neither of those men. While she never mentioned her by name, Stewart opened up about her plans to propose to who we can only assume is her reported girlfriend Dylan Meyer during a Nov. 4 appearance on The Howard Stern Show.

"I expect you to be married soon," Stern began. "Are you in love right now?"

", yeah," Stewart responded in her signature chill girl tone. "I mean, the answer is yes." And here's where things get really good. When asked if she's going to propose, Stewart simply responded, "Absolutely. I can't f*cking wait."

Then, she and Stern started breaking down the deets of said proposal — like for example, the timing. "I want to be, like, somewhat reasonable about it but I think good things happen fast," Stewart shared.

She also has a pretty good idea of how she's going to propose. "I also do have a really good idea. We're both from LA and we really love LA and we're both kind of scumbags, like we both kind of felt like trolls as kids," she shared. "We're so similar but different. She's a writer, she's brilliant but I have this really cool thing that I wanna do that I wanna tell you but I just can't." So I think we can, based on that, safely guess that the proposal will be in LA?

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While she held back on certain details of her plans to make sure Meyer wouldn't find out about them, Stewart did tell Stern that she's already told Meyer a proposal is in the works.

Their relationship sounds extremely cute. "The first time I told her I loved her it was really late and we were at some sh*tty bar and her friends were there and they walked out and I was like, 'Oh man, I'm so f*cking in love with you,'" Stewart explained, adding that "it was so obvious" and that it "wasn't like a thing."

Stewart and Meyer only began dating recently, but they've actually known each other since the early 2010s. "I met her years ago on a movie and I hadn't seen her in six years and then she, like, rocked up at a friend's birthday party and I was like, 'where have I been and how have I not known you?' She's been, like, living in LA alongside my life somehow but not ever converging?"

Watch Stewart gab about her plans to spend the rest of her life with Meyer below:

Stewart and Meyer were first linked together by the public after they were reportedly spotted making out in NYC in August of 2019. The kiss reportedly came just a month after Stewart was spotted making out with her ex-girlfriend Stella Maxwell aboard a yacht in Italy. The heart wants what the heart wants!