Let's Remember Kris Jenner's Best Momager Moments In Honor Of Her Birthday

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Admit it: everyone secretly wants a mom like Kris Jenner. She's stylish, hilarious, and she'll negotiate up on any brand deal or spon-con post that comes your way. Unfortunately, with a gaggle of Kardashians on her roster, the world's most famous "momager" is booked and busy. In celebration of the business mogul and reality TV icon turning 65 years old on Nov. 5, 2020, fans around the world are reaching out over social media to share some love with E!'s number one mom — and reminding us of Kris Jenner's best momager moments.

Until Ryan Seacrest decides to deliver the world what it so desperately needs — a supercut of all 20 seasons with only Jenner's best moments — you have to comb through episodes yourself. While it might be impossible to catalogue all of the momager's best moments, I've gotten a head start. I promise you, it's the closest thing you've got to getting adopted.

1) When She Got Stoned With HER Momager

She got her own momager stoned before Kendall and Kylie came home. Who says momagers can't take smoke breaks?

2. The $1 Million Bet

Do the words "calcutta gold" ring any bells? KUWTK fans will certainly remember this boss moment when Jenner made a $1 million bet with Kim Kardashian West on whether or not she could find slabs of marble for a bathroom remodel.

3. "Bad" Momager

Oh, to go back. Kris Jenner's nude photoshoot is a classic moment for any fan of the reality series — only this time, Kim becomes the momager.

4. The Security Guard Tackle Prank

She's got jokes, too! Admittedly, though, it would have been a funnier skit if Jenner actually trained to do her own stunt. No days off!

5. A Star Is Born

Kris Jenner is everyone's highlight in Ariana Grande's "Thank U, Next" music video. She got the ultimate starring role as Regina George's mom — method acting works!

6. Sugar Momager

Remember when she got Kylie a pig? Random, but thoughtful. Just try and find another manager that rivals her generosity.

7. No Selfies, Please!

Iconic. Show-stopping. Amazing. Doesn't everyone hear, "Kim, would you stop taking pictures of yourself? Your sister's going to jail," playing on a loop in your head before you go to sleep at night? Nobody else? Just me?

8. Momagers Love Their Friends

And who could forget the fact that she "loves her friends?" Happy Birthday, Kris Jenner!