Kim Petras Shut Down Rumors Juice WRLD "Stole" Her Song In The Sweetest Way

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Sometimes fans get a defensive on social media when they feel like their fave is under attack, but thankfully, artists usually clear up rumored beefs pretty quickly if there really is none. That's ultimately what happened after Kim Petras fans got wind of The Kid Laroi's new single "Remind Me Of You" on Dec. 8, 2020. The track, which was released in remembrance of Juice WRLD on the first anniversary of his death, featured a post-humous verse by the late rapper, and the chorus borrowed heavily from Petras' February 2020 release "Reminds Me." Fans were confused, and took to Twitter to accuse The Kid Laroi and Juice WRLD of stealing. But Kim Petras' response to rumors Juice WRLD stole "Reminds Me," cleared up any confusion fans might've had on the matter.

"A lot of people have been saying, 'Oh, they stole the song!" Petras said, addressing her fans during a Dec. 7 Instagram Live after news of the upcoming release popped up online. "I don't feel like that it all and it isn't like that at all. Kid Laroi asked to do the song, and back when we were doing the song, Juice came to the studio." Although the two tracks share the same choruses and flows, her insight that Juice recorded his verse in the studio with her prior to his passing in 2019 provided fans with a lot of clarity. She also stated she was glad it was finally getting released, and paid tribute to his legacy as a rap icon.

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"He recorded this amazing verse on 'Reminds Me.' I had always, always in the back of mind hoped that it would see the light of day because it was so good and I was such a big fan," Petras continued. She added that she was still heartbroken over his death, calling his 2019 overdose "tragic" and expressing how honored she was to be included in the decision to release the posthumous collaboration between The Kid Laroi and Juice.

Juice and Laroi toured together back in 2019, and their friendship was well-known to the public, making "Reminds Me Of You" that much more impactful. Juice mentored Laroi and gave him props for all of his hard work in his solo career as a rapper, and thankfully, this single pays ample respect to the beloved artist and his body of work.