Here's Which Sister Helped Kim K Come Up With Psalm's Name

Amy Sussman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kardashian baby names are such a thing. Whenever one of the family members has a new kid, their fans spend a lot of time trying to predict what the baby's name will be. They rarely guess correctly, because the Kardashians are experts at keeping those secrets under lock and key, but it's still a favorite pass time of the fandom nonetheless. Lucky for their fans, Psalm's mama opened up about the name-selection process in a new interview, and Kim Kardashian's story about how she named Psalm reveals that one of Psalm's aunties had a hand in selecting it!

The first thing you need to know about all of this is that Kendall Jenner is sour that the name she liked most wasn't chosen. In an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jenner told Fallon that Kardashian had her come over and mull over the short list of names she and Kanye West had been debating. She teased that Kardashian had her come over for hours and watch a sad AF movie (Five Feet Apart), and after all of that, the name Jenner liked the most wasn't even chosen.

In an interview with Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest on Friday, Sept. 13, Kardashian cleared up Jenner's slight bitterness.

“[We would] practice trying to see what name we liked the best," Kardashian said. "Kylie and I really vibed on the name [Psalm]. So, I think Kendall was more mad that her choice wasn’t first and she was hating on Fallon. She loves the name.” So, Kylie Jenner was Team Psalm! I wish Kardashian had revealed the other names they were toying around with, but alas, she did not.

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Kardashian did reveal in this interview the funny decision-making process they went with. She told Ripa and Seacrest that she and Jenner, before sobbing their eyes out while watching Five Feet Apart, shouted all of the possible names down the hallways Kardashian's house to see what felt best. They would scream, "Psalm, get over here!" to test out the names, which I definitely did with my mom before my little sister was born, so #RelatableContent.

Kardashian also revealed that she landed on the name Psalm right before the deadline for the naming grace period. (She said she and West had 10 days to legally register their child's name.) Talk about down to the wire!

Apparently, she had a nearly equally tricky time naming North West.

“When North was born, I know that North West is a very unique name. Well, all my kids’ names are very unique, but I didn’t name her for maybe three or four days," Kardashian revealed. "I looked at her and I said a prayer with her. I was like, ‘I pray to God you can handle your name. I hope you are this name that I’m choosing.’ I mean, it was really emotional for me … She’s so her name. There would be no other name for my baby but North.”

TBD if Saint West actually becomes a saint.