Kim K Filmed Her WFH Beauty Routine & The Video Is Actually Hilarious

Pierre Suu/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you’re looking to step up your work-from-home beauty looks with an easy, new makeup routine, Kim Kardashian West recently shared a “quarantine glam” tutorial. “I am super bored,” Kardashian opened the Instagram Live video posted on April 9. So, to fill some of her time, the beauty mogul gave fans a mostly KKW beauty-filled makeup tutorial you can easily follow in your own home. Filmed from her guest bathroom in an unsuccessful attempt to hide from her kids, the video includes plenty of makeup tips, an adorable cameo by North, and a glimpse into what Kardashian’s social distancing life looks like.

For this routine, Kardashian unsurprisingly uses mostly KKW beauty products. Although you can order them from the KKW Beauty website, as of April 10, the brand has shut down its fulfillment center. California has issued a mandatory closure of all non-essential businesses and ordered that all individuals stay at home. However, you can still place orders to be shipped once the fulfillment center reopens.

“The key to a good base is always your moisturizer and your serums,” Kardashian says while first applying Joe Blasco’s Ultrabase Foundation ($26, Camera Ready Cosmetics) evenly over her face. For her foundation layer, the reality star says she prefers a cream base as opposed to liquids. Following foundation, she adds just a little powder to her T-zone before contouring her face. When she applies KKW Beauty’s Liquid Concealer in shade 7 ($18, KKW Beauty) next, she brings the concealer down into her laugh lines, “because I really feel like if you add concealer here, it really kind of helps soften those lines.”

“I don’t really like to spend a whole lot of time blending, honestly. I know it’s the key to flawless makeup, but I just don’t have the time,” Kardashian says before North interrupts her, effectively proving her mom’s point. The 6-year-old is apparently supposed to be doing her P.E. which can either be Baby Sonic, Pokémon, or Elsa Yoga (they all sound so fun), but she’s insistent on trying to hang out with Kardashian instead.

While Kardashian bakes with KKW Beauty’s Baking Powder in shade 2 ($18, KKW Beauty) under her eyes, you can catch another glimpse of what quarantining with four kids under 10 looks like. “I’m hiding in the guest room because my kids will not leave me alone,” she says to the camera. North promptly yells from off-screen, “Hey, that’s mean.” It’s nice to know that, no matter how big the house is, all parents have the same struggles with finding alone time during quarantine.

Back in her groove, the beauty mogul uses KKW’s Crème Contour Stick ($18, KKW Beauty) for soft contouring. She gently blends the product into her face using a wet makeup sponge, and then, with a big, fluffy brush in hand, Kardashian wipes the baking powder off with a gentle sweeping motion. When using a cream contour, Kardashian says she likes to go back over it with a contour powder from the KKW Beauty Powder Contour & Highlighter Palette ($44, KKW Beauty) to set it. Using the same palette, Kardashian also applies a subtle highlight.

“I think pink blush just makes you look awake and just youthful,” Kardashian says, choosing a shimmering, soft pink from her Classic Blush Duo Palette ($70, KKW Beauty). Then, she mixes the two bronzer shades from the same Powder Contour & Highlighting Palette and sweeps them into her crease to add a bit of definition to her eyes.

To the surprise of KKW Beauty Fans, Kardashian reveals an unreleased product: a mini mascara. “Is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?” she asks excitedly. Although she didn’t reveal when the mini version would come out, the full-sized Mascara ($18, KKW Beauty) is currently available on her website. Before getting into lips, Kardashian re-powders a little before setting her makeup with Tatcha’s Luminous Dewy Skin Mist ($48, Tatcha), which she says leaves behind a nice glow.

For her lips, Kardashian first uses her favorite lip liner, Nude 1.5 ($12, KKW Beauty), and applies the lipstick ‘90s Icon ($18, KKW Beauty), a rosy, matte nude, on top of it. Finally, Kardashian’s “key” for a youthful look is brightening under the eyes, so she uses KKW’s Brightening Powder in shade 2 ($18, KKW Beauty) as a last step.

“Quarantine glam just to go to the kitchen to get harassed by my kids on how to do their homework,” Kardashian jokes. “I at least feel honestly good about myself that I haven’t stayed in my pajamas all day.” If you’re looking for a mood booster in the morning, putting on a fresh face of makeup and clean clothes may be the change you need. Try Kardashian’s routine, if at least to stun everyone during your next Zoom happy hour.