Kim Kardashian's Advice To Avoid Getting Wrinkles Will Seriously Make You Laugh Out Loud

by Karen Ruffini
Jesse Grant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Some things in life just go perfectly well together. Peanut butter and jelly. Cookies and milk. Vodka and tonic. (You get the idea.) But there's something that is a cut above the rest — something that pairs so wonderfully, you can't imagine life any other way. And that, my friends, is Kim Kardashian and her no-smile ~lewk~ that she rocks. Tell me truthfully just how many times you've seen the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star grinning on the red carpet. I can promise that you can *probably* count the amount on two hands. But it's not because she's not happy, you guys — it's because she's smart AF. Kim Kardashian's advice to avoid wrinkles may sound bizarre, but if you've seen her face, then you know that this is a woman who clearly knows what she's talking about.

According to People magazine, Kardashian was asked by a fan what she did to maintain such smooth skin while getting her makeup done by her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic during The Master Class in Los Angeles.

Her response? Stop being so happy.

Just kidding, sort of! She didn't put it into those words exactly, but she did tell fans the secret to fine lines was all about hiding your pearly whites.

"Don't smile," Kardashian responded.

So the secret to avoiding wrinkles is basically to suppress your happiness, you guys! Nothing that will make you laugh or fill your heart with joy because then, your face will look like a grandmother's before you hit 30.

Also, kidding again, sort of!

OK, look. While the whole "not smiling" thing has worked very well for our girl Kim K, I'm just going to have to pass on this secret to defying wrinkles. Perhaps it works for others, but I can't give up smiling. It's ingrained in my DNA to be a happy, fun-loving, young woman — fine lines be damned. I LIKE SMILING, AND I CAN'T (AND WON'T) STOP.

To be fair, it seems like there's a lot more that goes into why Kardashian doesn't smile as much as the average person. Back in 2015, Kardashian spoke to C Magazine and revealed the reason she doesn't smile in photos, and it has everything to do with her pregnancy with her first child, daughter North West.

"Last time [contributed to] not only the weight, but also the swelling that everyone would make fun of, not understanding that I had this condition," Kardashian told the publication, explaining that her preeclampsia was a big challenge for her. She also said that the body shaming she faced "changed the way I viewed wanting my picture taken."

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My heart seriously goes out to Kim for this, and for anyone who's been body shamed — especially while they're pregnant.

"Before I was always smiling, and so into being out and about," Kardashian said. "After I had the baby, I was like, 'These are the same people that made fun of me, and posted the stories that were so awful, calling me fat for something I couldn’t control'... I don’t want to smile for them. I don’t want to be out.'"

West noted that even when she was feeling confident in herself, she didn't want to be the person who simply smiled in every photo, adding, "It changed my mood; it changed who I was; it changed my personality a lot."

This cuts deep, you guys. I feel like we need to apologize on behalf of the universe after hearing all of this.

So you keep doing you, Kim. And I'll keep smiling, fully understanding I'll have some fine lines to embrace because of that activity. I simply can't pull off a RBF quite like you do.