Khloé Kardashian's Still Keeping Up With Her Workouts & She DGAF What You Think

by Caroline Burke
Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As a general rule of thumb, nothing is more hush-hush than a Kardashian pregnancy. After all, the collective universe has spent close to a full calendar year trying to get a glimpse of Kim's, Kylie's, and/or Khloé's stomachs, and one of those bellies is still, miraculously, hidden from view. At least we're finally privy to details about Khloé's recently revealed baby bump, although her pregnancy has come under a bit of (completely unnecessary) fire: After posting a Snapchat on Christmas Eve, Khloé Kardashian's pregnancy workout routine has been questioned by thousands of internet trolls who can't seem to wrap their minds around the idea of pregnant women still being women with fully functioning, capable bodies.

Luckily for everyone, the trolls went after someone like Khloé Kardashian, who's never been afraid to clap back at people questioning her lifestyle choices, and she's not about to stop now just because she's pregnant.

After posting a Snapchat of her pregnancy workout on Christmas Eve, Kardashian endured a wave of negative judgment online. She quickly squashed it by tweeting to all of the haters who "suddenly think they are physicians," and she explained that her workout routine was "cleared [by a doctor] and highly recommended." Take that, ignorant swine of the social media universe.

For a cherry on top, Kardashian linked her tweet to a source confirming all of the healthy reasons why you should work out when you're pregnant.

At a time when women are starting to fight back against societal expectations to look a certain way, act a certain way, or smile when they don't feel like smiling, Kardashian's refusal to allow others to shame her for her healthy choices is a welcome breath of fresh air on social media.

In the past, the 33-year-old TV personality has been outspoken regarding her love of exercise and her increased focus on a healthy, strong body, as well as a refusal to submit to body-shaming or negativity. In a 2016 interview with Health, Kardashian noted that her love for working out started as a way to release emotions in the wake of her divorce from Lamar Odom. She explained,

So I joined Equinox, and I would go there and put my headphones on and get on the elliptical or the stairs, and no one would bother me or ask me questions.
I would watch The Real Housewives or something mindless, and I felt like all the stress I was under, all the paparazzi—I blocked out all that noise.

Kardashian's emphasis on working out for the sake of being healthy, rather than achieving any specific body goal, is exactly what women need to hear.

Now that she's pregnant, it's nothing short of amazing to see her continue to support and uphold a foundational belief in exercise as a healthy way to release pent-up emotions, and of course, as a form of empowerment.

And, news flash to the haters: she's totally right. There's nothing unhealthy about continuing your regular workouts once you're pregnant. In fact, keeping up physical exercise during pregnancy can ease your labor and birthing experience, relieve any back pain you might be struggling with, and it can even make it easier to maintain a positive self-image as you go through so many bodily changes.

The idea that pregnant women should stay on bedrest is about as archaic as the "barefoot and pregnant woman in the kitchen" trope, and just as insulting.

More than ever, women are embracing professional endeavors while raising families, and the maintenance of our bodies as strong, powerful machines is just one of many strategies we can use to power through a day, turning 24 hours into 30.

Khloé Kardashian's pregnancy workout routine, as revealed via her Snapchat, includes exercises with dumbbells and squats, both of which are perfectly safe and healthy workout options for a woman who's pregnant.

The physical exercises you should avoid when pregnant basically include anything that's above and beyond what you normally do in your standard workout. You shouldn't have trouble catching your breath, or feel like you're going to faint, or have an unusually high heart rate. As always, the best thing to do is to consult with your doctor before starting a new workout routine while pregnant.

For now, leave Khloé alone y'all — you're probably just jealous, anyway.