KFC's Newest Menu Item Is An Upgraded Version Of This Tasty Sandwich


After witnessing 24 (way too short) summers on this gorgeous planet, I've noticed that the end of August through early September brings a lot of really sick glow-ups. Like, you'll notice that several people will decide to ring in the new school year with a sick haircut, while others upgrade their wardrobe, like, to a whole new level, just in time for autumn. It seems as though similar glow-ups run in the realm of finger-lickin'-good fried chicken, though, because KFC has most definitely been killin' the game. For example, if you haven't already heard about KFC's new Double Colonel Crispy Sandwich, it's a life-changing upgrade to another menu item that you probably already know and love — and it's here to help you bid summer farewell.

On Tuesday, Aug. 21, KFC announced its latest and greatest innovation, which is known as the Double Crispy Colonel. According to a press release, this colossal new sammie includes not one — but two — giant, crispy, hand-battered chicken fillets that are both topped with mayo, and of course, pickles. All of this tastiness is sandwiched between two fluffy buns, and to be quite honest, it's all I could ever want. As an XL version of the OG Crispy Colonel, the Double Colonel Crispy Sandwich definitely steals my heart in the best (and biggest) way possible.


I mean, just look at the two sandwiches next to each other. There's no way I'm not giving that doubled-up chicken sandwich a try.

The Double Crispy Colonel comes in three delicious flavors, per the press release, so if you're looking for variety, look no further. You can choose to order the Double Crispy Colonel in three Southern-inspired flavors, one of which is the Smoky Mountain BBQ. It tastes just like it sounds: like good old fashioned barbecue. The Nashville Hot, on the other hand, is spicy AF, with hints of smokiness, and finally, the Georgia Gold honey mustard BBQ is sweet and tangy. You can obviously order the OG flavor as well, which TBH, is just as good as the rest.


Andrea Zahumensky, KFC's chief marketing officer, said in a press release that the Crispy Colonel was already a huge success, so the company decided to double the fun with extra chicken. Honestly, I'm pretty happy about it.

In the release, Zahumensky said:

We launched the Crispy Colonel Sandwich a few months ago and we believe it is the best chicken sandwich in the market. Burger places have been selling double burgers for years, but nobody has really had a chicken sandwich like this —worthy of doubling upon—so we decided to change the extra crispy fried chicken game by creating the Double Crispy Colonel. You’re going to need both hands for this one!

There's nothing better than a fried chicken sandwich, so an XL size of my fave sammie is everything I could ever want. I'm literally beside myself that this humungous, delectable creation is about to be available in restaurants nationwide, and you'd better believe I'll be ordering it, like, on a regular basis. I mean, could you blame me? Aside from the fact that it has three tasty flavors, it'll definitely come as fuel to kick off the new season, in the best — and crispiest — way possible.