KFC's $3 Famous Bowl Promo Will Let You Try The New Spicy Bowl On The Cheap

Courtesy Of KFC

I am always more than happy to cook dinner for ya, but let me provide you with a fair warning: I add a pretty generous kick to just about everything I eat. For real — without hesitation, I will add a jaw-dropping amount of Sriracha, a handful of red pepper flakes, or even an entire scoop of of wasabi to literally any dish, so, you could probably imagine my excitement after hearing about KFC's $3 Famous Bowl promo. The deal includes an extra hot version of the OG dish, and it's basically guaranteed to satisfy any and all of your spice-ridden cravings.

If you have not already indulged in one of KFC's Famous Bowls, let me be the one to enlighten you. According to the KFC website, the Famous Bowl combines a warm mashed potato and gravy base, which is topped with a handful of sweet corn, popcorn chicken nuggets, and — most importantly — a delectable blend of shredded cheese. It amounts to a full pound of food (yes it's true!), and right now, at participating KFC locations nationwide, you can snag one for only $3 a pop through Jan. 27, according to KFC. Keep in mind that price, tax, and participation may vary, but either way, a full pound of food for under a fiver is straight-up magnificent. Count me the heck in.

Courtesy Of KFC

Shockingly, though, the chain's $3 Famous Bowl deal isn't even the best part of this glorious promotion. At participating KFC locations nationwide, the Spicy Famous Bowl is joining the chain's Famous Bowl lineup, and it's absolutely everything I could ever want. According to the KFC website, the Spicy Famous Bowl basically combines all of the same tasty ingredients as the classic Famous Bowl, however, KFC drowns it all in its signature Nashville Hot sauce. As a longtime spice fanatic, you could probably guess this is what I'll be ordering starting now, until the very end of time. I seriously cannot wait.

Courtesy Of KFC

Oh, and to celebrate the fast food chain's $3 Famous Bowl deal, as well as the introduction of the Spicy Famous Bowl, KFC is offering free bowl cuts at Ludlow Blunt in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, according to a press release sent to Elite Daily. Yes, I'm referring to the bowl cut hairstyle from back in the day— KFC hired actual hair stylists to create five fashionable, updated takes on the classic '90s 'do to promote its Famous Bowls deal. So, if you're New York-based and you're looking to switch up your look, make sure to book your free haircut for Thursday, Jan. 10, between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. Haircuts are expensive AF, and if my face were fit for a bowl cut, I'd totally get in on it.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems as though KFC is seriously slaying the game right now. Not only is the renowned fried chicken chain offering $3 Famous Bowls, but it has also introduced a new Spicy Famous Bowl, and — most importantly — the chain offering free bowl cuts this week. Honestly, it looks like KFC is about to win all of 2019, you guys. I can feel it.