You'll Crack Up When You Realize What 11 Spices & Herbs KFC Is Following On Twitter


In the world of witty fast-food Twitter accounts, KFC might be taking the gold. Kentucky Fried Chicken — home of the finger lickin' good entrees — has officially raised the bar with its social media game. If you follow the chicken mecca on Twitter, you might've noticed a teeny, tiny detail in the page's "Following" section. TBH, once you realize what I'm talking about, you'll be officially #shook. Did you check? If so, you probably noticed that the KFC Twitter account is following 11 spices and herbs... and that's it.

I'm not kidding. The Twitter account isn't following any passionate KFC fans or fellow fast-food companies. Instead, whoever is controlling the social media outlet decided to get witty AF and only follow spices and herbs. That makes sense, right? Heck, I feel like all food accounts should only follow spices and herbs. That'd make one flavorful following. Get it? Ha... ha. OK.

According to BuzzFeed, Twitter user Edge made the recent discovery that KFC is only following 11 spices and herbs, and it really sent Twitter into a finger-lickin' frenzy. He also noticed that the spices and herbs KFC follows aren't your typical pantry items. Instead, they're literally former Spice Girls and dudes with the name "Herb."

In the tweet, Edge wrote, "@KFC follows 11 people. Those 11 people? 5 Spice Girls and 6 guys named Herb. 11 Herbs & Spices. I need time to process this."

Based off the amount of times his tweet was liked and retweeted, everyone on Twitter needed time to process this, too.

While you're letting the mind-blowing information sink in, let's take a closer look into the spices and herbs that KFC is following. This will be fun, I promise.

First, let's cover the Spice Girls. KFC is quite literally following each "spice" individually, and it's kind of hilarious. The account follows Geri Horner (Ginger Spice), Melanie Brown (Scary Spice), Emma Bunton (Baby Spice), Melanie C (Sporty Spice), and Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice).

Who knows if the Spice Girls are even aware they're featured on KFC's Twitter page. Either way, it's genius. KFC really knows how to "spice up your life," both on the internet and in the kitchen.

Whoever is behind KFC's Twitter page: I just want to thank you for that nice little blast from the past.

Now let's talk about the "herbs" that KFC follows.

As I previously mentioned, these aren't your typical seasoning herbs. KFC follows six guys named "Herb," and it's quite hilarious. The famous "herbs" included in the list of "spices and herbs" that KFC follows are: Herb Scribner, Herb J. Wesson Jr., Herb Waters, Herb Dean, Herb Sendek, and Herb Alpert.

If you're wondering why KFC chose these specific "Herbs," definitely don't ask me because I honestly have no idea. The only thing I know is that they're all named "Herb." So... cheers to the Herbs out there. You guys nailed it. May KFC's Twitter account be ever in your favor.

After the Twitter user reminded the internet that KFC only follows 11 "spices and herbs" on Twitter, people pretty much lost it.

Some people think the person running KFC's Twitter account deserves a raise.

I certainly agree.

Their minds are honestly blown.

Not even the Spice Girls can believe it.

KFC just made this dude proud to be a Kentuckian.

It's pretty much the best surprise ever.

"If my respect for this franchise could increase, it would right now."

Some people are dragging Wendy's into the mix.

For those of you who are unaware, Wendy's has a pretty witty Twitter account.

Wendy's, however, is not amused.

So, I guess Wendy's is kind of salty that KFC isn't following them back. We have to give it to KFC, though — it's pretty freakin' funny.

Bravo, KFC. Bravo.