Everything You Need To Know About Kesha's New YouTube Series "Beauty & BS With Kesha"


As the queen of eccentric, full-beat makeup looks, it’s hard to believe Kesha doesn’t really know how to do her own makeup. Instead, the singer has been on a makeup journey, teaching herself how to do a whole slew of different looks. And now, you can be a part of it, too. On Tuesday, Aug. 11, Kesha is launching Beauty and BS with Kesha, a YouTube series documenting her rise to BeauTuber-guru status.

“There are so many things that have been on my list of what I would love to do, but I’ve been so over-consumed with writing music, producing music, designing the tour outfits, working on the choreography,” the singer told Allure. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has put pretty much all of that on hold, she's had time to pick up some new tricks — especially since she’s had to film interviews and music videos from the safety of her home alone. While makeup is a great way to kill time, that’s not the only inspiration for Kesha’s new venture. “I really feel like makeup can help change your mood, almost like how music can,” she said. “Makeup can tell its own story and set its own mood.”

Kesha won’t be alone on her journey. She can always FaceTime her trusted makeup artist Vittorio Masecchia. “I wanted to show my fans and people that maybe aren’t used to doing makeup all the time,” Kesha says. “It just felt like an opportunity to really capture some of the secrets that [Masecchia] uses for me on videos and share them.” Fans are not only getting an intimate look at the “TiK ToK” singer, but they're also learning professional beauty tricks in the process.

For her first video announcing the launch of Beauty and BS with Kesha, Kesha and Marchetti created a look for her new music video “Since I was Young,” and the two decided to go outside of her comfort zone. Meaning: Instead of her usual rainbow-palette and glitter, they went for a timeless, classic, more natural look. But fret not; there are color-packed looks to come. As for what you can expect product-wise, there will definitely be some Kesha Rose Beauty throughout. Otherwise, the star’s only rule is that all products be cruelty-free.

I could watch Kesha live her best life every second of my day, so this glimpse into the musician’s friendships and beauty routine is more than welcome. If you can’t wait for your new, favorite BeauTuber, you're in luck. Watch her first official Beauty and BS with Kesha above and be prepared for more on her YouTube channel.