The Only Word To Describe Kesha's New Album Trailer Is "EPIC"


Throw some glitter, make it rain because Kesha is coming back! That's right. Kesha is gearing up to release her fourth-studio-album, and it's set to be her biggest release to date. Kesha's High Road album trailer teases that the star's new album is going to be totally epic, as it will have Kesha going back to her roots with some upbeat bangers.

High Road will be Kesha's first album since 2017's Rainbow, which included the vulnerable lead single, "Praying." Since then, she's also dropped a few singles here and there, such as the political and socially-conscious track, "Rich, White, Straight Men," which came out on June 4.

Talking about her previous album, Kesha said in the High Road trailer, "When I wrote Rainbow, I was in a very different headspace. I had to address some very serious things, but now on my new record, I revisit my roots of pure and utter debaucherous joy."

In the video, snippets from Kesha's new songs off High Road can be heard and they totally give off major 2010 Kesha vibes. Near the 0:23 mark, you can hear the lyrics, "OK, we're going out tonight 'cause I don't wanna stay home. I call my girls to call an uber 'cause I can't find my phone."

Uh, does that not sound something off of Kesha's first album, Animal? Because it totally does to me and that's why I'm so excited to hear High Road. Just from watching the short teaser, fans certainly have a lot to look forward to.

The entire High Road trailer is honestly a rollercoaster of fun; there's SO much going on: an old-time voiceover, a church choir, clips of Kesha going on a "roadtrip from hell," and a pair of The Shining twins. In the midst of it all, Kesha made a huge statement to viewers: "Kesha got her balls back and they're bigger than ever."

Days before Kesha released the album trailer, she also went on Twitter to tease her next single, "Raising Hell." On Oct. 17, she encouraged fans to call 1-855-KESHASAVS to get some info about her new album. She tweeted, "Time’s runnin’ out to get blessed!!!! Don’t wait! Call now and add yourself to the hellraiser phonebook so I can always update you and bless you with some sacred secret information ⁣⁣ Call 1-855-KESHASAVS."

Fans who called the number heard Kesha confirm that her new single is called "Raising Hell." In the voicemail, Kesha said, "Welcome to Kesha's Raising Hell hotline. This Raising Hell hotline, like my first single off my new album, 'Raising Hell, is all about celebrating the dichotomy of being both good and bad. That is the human condition. No one is perfect. All we can do is try our best. Stay tuned for more updates."

You can hear Kesha's message below.

The promo for this is on a whole other level, which can only mean one thing: High Road is going to be E-P-I-C.

Kesha's new album will be out in December 2019.