Kristin's Ex-BFF Finally Responded To Those Cheating Rumors About Jay

by Candice Jalili

Still wondering if Kristin Cavallari's ex-bestie had something to do with her divorce? Well, Kelly Henderson's response to the Jay Cutler cheating rumors makes it pretty dang clear that she did not. "I'm just gonna go ahead and put this out there, there was never an affair, I have nothing to do with their divorce and I am not dating Jay Cutler," she said during a May 19 appearance on divorce lawyer Laura Wasser's iHeart Radio podcast, All's Fair.

In fact, Henderson made it clear that, though she wishes both Cavallari and Cutler the best, she hasn't been in their lives for the past year. "We're not really in touch anymore," she explained. "We had a little bit of a falling-out last year, so I've kind of gotten some space from both of them."

Oh, also, she's been in a relationship with someone for "quite some time now" and that new person is not Cutler. "He is a very private person and I respect that," she said. "You know, him and his kids are a huge part of my life now, but I try to keep them out of the public part of my life because it's not what they signed up for."

The rumors of something going on between Henderson and Cutler resurfaced on May 1 when Henderson posted a picture of a man's arm to her Instagram (presumably the mystery man she's been with for "quite some time") and fans noticed he was wearing a bracelet similar to one Cutler is often seen sporting. Here's the picture Henderson posted:

Fans were quick to assume the arm was Cutler's. "If that is Jay that is shady AF and totally explains why they aren’t friends," one fan commented alongside an eye roll emoji. "So. Not. Cool. And then to promote it on insta," another wrote alongside three trash can emojis. Another chimed in to write, "If this is Jay then your level of class just went to 0."

In defense of the fans, Cutler does where bracelets like that:

But, alas, it sounds like it wasn't him.

To be fair, Cavallari never believed the rumors, either. She was more just frustrated with the way Henderson responded to the rumors when they first started swirling about during Season Two of Very Cavallari. “When Season 2 was airing, there was a lot of talk on social media about Jay and Kelly having an affair,” Cavallari explained in the Season 3 premier of Very Cavallari after noting she and Henderson had not spoken for two months at that point. “Not for one second have I ever thought that it was true. It wasn’t the actual accusations of them having an affair that made me upset, it was how Kelly went about it.”

She continued by explaining that Henderson “kept talking about Jay on social media,” which Cavallari believed was “adding fuel to the fire.”

“I kept trying to reach out to her and talk to her about it and tell her how I was feeling, and instead of her just owning her side of it and being like, ‘I’m sorry. Oh my god, that was never my intention,’ or whatever, she kept giving me pushback and would get really defensive,” Cavallari added. “And then she literally just stopped responding to me. That, to me, is such a slap in the face. You don’t care? Good to know.”

Not sure how Cavallari, who announced her split with Cutler on April 26, will perceive this strong stance from Henderson, but I think it's safe to say the rumors are probably not true.