Kellogg's Is Releasing Mini Chocolate-Covered Rice Krispies Treats You're Gonna Love

Courtesy of Kellogg's

When I was growing up, I used to love making my own Rice Krispies Treats. It seemed like the perfect way to combine my favorite cereal with gooey marshmallows in the form of a snack, and I really miss eating 'em. Thankfully, I can enjoy Rice Krispies Treats in a brand new form now — and I won't even have to cook. Why? Because Kellogg's Snap Crackle Poppers are mini Rice Krispies Treats that come in a reusable bag for on-the-go snacking. Plus, they're coated in creme to add a layer of extra sweetness that I never got when I made them on my own. I'm so excited to try a bag for myself, guys.

If you're also excited to give Kellogg's Snap Crackle Poppers a try, you should know all of the details about the sweet new snack. For starters, the treats were officially announced in a press release on Thursday, Dec. 6 — but they won't actually be on grocery store shelves until January 2019 (sigh). But based off the details about the dessert, they sound like they'll definitely be worth the wait.

According to Kellogg's, Snap Crackle Poppers will come in three flavors: Vanilla Creme, Chocolatey, and Cookies 'n' Creme (!!!). TBH, I can't wait to try Cookies 'n' Creme — but that's just me.

Courtesy of Kellogg's

Per Kellogg's, each flavor is coated in its own "smooth, silky" topping — and by the looks of it, it seems like those toppings reflect the flavors of the Rice Krispies Treats. According to Junk Banter, an online food blogger with a viral snack account, the toppings are actually chocolatey cremes (yum). While writing about the sugary addition, he said,

Snap, Crackle, and Pop goes my belt buckle, cuz Lawwwd have they gone and done it now. New Kellogg's Rice Krispy Treats Snap Crackle Poppers will hit stores in January! They're essentially Rice Krispie Treat Squares covered in creme/ chocolate, in reusable bags.

Um, these sound freaking delicious.

Based off of Junk Banter's description, there's a very good chance I'll be scoping out my local grocery store for a bag or two once January comes around. With that being said, I'll probably be looking for the other snacks that Kellogg's announced alongside these, which include Cheez-It Snap'd bites and Pringles Wavy chips. I'm so excited (and very hungry).

Apparently, Kellogg's is stoked about the new pantry additions, as well. Yuvraj Arora, senior vice president of marketing for Kellogg's U.S. Snacks division, talked about the goodies in a press release. He said,

Snacking culture continues to evolve and is an industry ripe with innovation and momentum. We're committed to meeting hungry consumers' demands and delivering new experiences with our snacks. Each of these snacks are munchable, flavorful, shareable, and perfect for everything from family game night to a relaxing evening of streaming your favorite TV show.

Again, these snacks won't hit the shelves until the new year — so start making your room in your cabinet for 'em. Based off the flavor choices of the Snap Crackle Poppers, you might want to try every bag.