Lonsdale in 'Work It'

'Love, Simon' Fans Are Going To Flip When They See Keiynan Lonsdale In 'Work It'


What is a high school flick without at least one snarky character? Not complete, that's what. Thanks to Keiynan Lonsdale, who plays Juilliard-Isaiah in Work It, the dance flick is a fun addition to the Netflix teen rom-com category. When you're not feeling irked by his sassy comments, or staring at his dance moves in awe, you might be thinking Lonsdale looks familiar. If so, you're probably not alone — he's no newbie in Hollywood.

Warning: Light spoilers for Work It follow. Lonsdale plays Isaiah (aka Juilliard — the same name of the acclaimed dance school he was auditioning for — who is the snarky leader of the Thunderbirds dance squad. After refusing main character Quinn a spot on his dance team, he loses one of his dancers, Quinn's BFF Jas (Liza Koshy), as the two girls set off to start their own dance team called TBD.

Throughout the film, Juilliard's dance team definitely seems better than the TBD, but he's clearly not thrilled with another squad trying to stop them from reaching a fifth consecutive win at the Work It dance contest. He makes the TBD team's lives all just a bit harder by stealing their practice space, making snarky comments, and trying to undermine their confidence.


After a major upset in the competition, the Thunderbirds didn't get the title they were hoping for, and Juilliard realized he wasn't going to get admitted to the dance school he wanted to attend, which softened him up a bit and brought him to return to his real name. By the end of the film, Isaiah actually seemed like a likable character.

While this might be a new character for Lonsdale, it's definitely not his first. The 28-year-old Australian actor has credits dating back to 2007, and is best known for his role as Wally West, aka Kid Flash in CW's The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl. Oh, and he also had a pretty major role as Bram in Love, Simon as well as a guest spot in the Hulu spinoff Love, Victor.

Lonsdale's skills in acting and dancing (as evidenced in Work It) aren't where his list of talents stop. According to his Instagram bio, his debut album called "Rainbow Boy" is out now on all popular streaming platforms. Plus, he's spent some time modeling, for example in Louis Vuitton runway shows and in Vogue.

If you didn't remember Keiynan Lonsdale's name before his latest project, you certainly will now... Or at least you should, because this star is totally working it.