Katie Morton & Chris Bukowski Broke Up & Their Announcement Is So Sad

by Candice Jalili
Paul Archuleta/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Bust out your tissue boxes out, people, because Katie Morton and Chris Bukowski's breakup announcement is a tear-jerker. Morton and Bukowski each took to Instagram on Dec. 10 to announce their split. Bukowski shared the news alongside a picture of himself and Morton on the beach looking mega in love during their season of Bachelor in Paradise, while Morton decided to go with a more serious-looking snap.

Despite their differing images, the two decided to copy and paste the same exact announcement into their captions. "One of the many lessons this life has taught us is that it’s okay to be stubborn in the pursuit of happiness," they began. "To fight for what is real and good, and that often times the hardest thing and the right thing are the same."

After the sweet intro, they dropped the breakup bomb. "We’ve reached a point in our story where we agree it’s best to go our separate ways," they wrote. "We have chosen to love and respect each other as friends because that’s the base of our relationship, and it’s what is most natural for us. We are incredibly thankful for the support we’ve received from our family, friends and everyone who supported us throughout our journey — from paradise to this moment. We are grateful for everything that we’ve learned in this chapter, and are hopeful for what is to come in life and in love for both of us."

For those of you who haven't been keeping up with the couple, they got engaged during the season finale of Bachelor in Paradise, which aired Sept. 17.

Fans first started speculating that they might be headed towards Splitsville when Bukowski skipped out on a couples' wine trip with Morton and the rest of their Bach Nation squad on Nov. 3.

That being said, on Nov. 10, the couple put the rumors to rest by telling Us Weekly that they were, in fact, together. That being said, they noted that they enjoyed keeping fans in the dark about their relationship status. “It’s kind of great because people actually don’t know if we’re together or we’re not,” Bukowski said.

Considering the fact that they just announced their breakup on Instagram, I think it's safe to say the greatness of keeping their fans in the dark has officially worn off.