This Bride's 5 Brothers Stepped In For This Wedding Tradition After Their Dad Died

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For many people who lose their parents at a young age, their wedding can be an especially difficult day. One bride who lost her father wound up honoring his memory in an unforgettable moment. Kaley West Young's wedding dance with her brothers managed to incorporate her father's memory into her wedding in the most beautiful way. And it all came as a total surprise to West Young.

West Young's father suddenly died three years ago from heart disease, according to the description on the YouTube video uploaded by the West family. The father and daughter were extremely close and, according to the West family, "she always looked forward to the day that he would walk her down the aisle and dance with her at her wedding." When that unfortunately didn't turn out to be a possibility on her wedding day, West Young's five brothers decided they'd find a way make the next best thing happen for their sister.

And so began planning for pretty much the best surprise of all time. It was her brother Kevin West who originally came up with the idea two months before the wedding, according to USA Today. Instead of a traditional father-daughter dance, each of the five brother would take turns dancing with their sister to Michael Bolton's "Fathers and Daughters." And here's the twist: They dispersed clips of her father's voice speaking to his baby girl captured in old home movies throughout the song.

All of the brothers were immediately on board and Kevin's twin brother, Kasey West, took on the responsibility of combing through all of their old home videos in order to put the beautiful surprise together.

After West Young had said she didn't want to have a father-daughter dance at her wedding, they led her astray by convincing her that they were planning some sort of funny surprise. "My brothers, a few months before joked about a surprise or doing something that was funny, so they led me astray thinking they were going to do something different," West Young told USA Today.

Needless to say, when one of her brothers got up on the dance floor to introduce the actual surprise at her wedding, she was floored.

"When my brother Kevin started talking, I was super curious what he was going to say," she tells Elite Daily. "When he mentioned him and all of my brothers wanted to dance with me in memory of our father I was completely moved. Then, the moment I heard my dads voice, I was in complete and utter shock. To hear his voice again while dancing with my brothers in the ballroom surrounded by mine and my husbands closest family and friends, I almost dropped to the floor in that moment. Luckily, I had my brother, Kasey, there to help hold me up and help me gain my composure. There was nothing but pure love felt in that moment."

You can see that beautiful moment for yourself here, in a YouTube video shared by the West family:

The video has since gone viral, with over 100,000 views, and has managed to move people across the world (myself included). Even singer Michael Bolton took to Twitter to share how honored he was to have his song included in the beautiful dance:

"Along with my family, we have been so surprised by the public response to our video," West Young tells Elite Daily. "The dance was an incredible moment for all of us and we wanted to create a video that we could share with our family that couldn't make it to the wedding. Since we shared it we have gotten an overwhelming response from people all around the world. The messages and comments have been humbling and have touched my heart. We are so thankful for all of the kindness people have shown towards our family. The video has somewhat taken on a life of its own now. I believe that it's not specifically about me or my family any more. However, a reminder about the most important thing in life, which is love, and love deserves to be shared."

I hope this video was able to give someone out there a little bit of that love West Young was referring to. I know it definitely did that for me.

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