This Woman Got Engaged At The New York City Marathon, & The Video Will Make You Ugly Cry

Elsa/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Although I don't foresee this ever happening for me because I can barely run one mile without feeling like my ankles are going to fall out of their sockets (Is that a thing? Do ankles have sockets? LMK), I must admit that I often catch myself fantasizing about the high of actually having completed a marathon. The only thing that might give you more of a high? Getting engaged to the love of your life. Well, one woman got to experience both highs in one epic day. Kaitlyn Curran and Dennis Galvin got engaged this past Sunday as she ran the New York City Marathon. What a freaking day, am I right?!

Curran, a nurse, had no idea that her long-time boyfriend would be popping the question the day of her big race. She obviously knew he'd be there to cheer her on, but she wasn't aware that he also was about to change her life forever. So, how did he do it? CBS reports that Curran had just hit her 16th mile when Galvin, her boyfriend of four years, hopped over the barrier and got down on one knee to ask her to be his wife.

If you're wondering why he chose the 16th mile rather than the finish line, Galvin actually had a pretty solid reason. His cousin, Kathleen Figueroa, told CBS that he wanted to propose "at the first Manhattan stop of the race." The first Manhattan stop just so happened to take place on the 16th mile, right by the Queensboro Bridge, according to the NYC Marathon site.

Luckily, CBS reports that Figueroa was able to capture the epic proposal on video.

But Galvin's cousin wasn't the only one trying to capture the beautiful moment on camera. "People in the race were slowing down to take pictures," she told CBS. "It was indescribable just to be there and see it all was amazing."

Figueroa also told CBS that her cousin was "very nervous" before he actually popped the question. In fact, she said that Galvin waited for about an hour before Curran actually passed by. I'm sure any of us who have ever been nervous before something big can attest to the fact that waiting around for an hour for the thing that you're nervous about to happen only works to make you more nervous. So I feel for Galvin.

As for Curran's reaction, it couldn't have been more perfect. "She cried a little bit, said yes, hugged him and then said 'OK, I have to go finish my race,'" Figueroa recalled to CBS. To be honest, this is such a chill response considering the fact that Figueroa also noted that Curran really "had no idea" about Galvin's plans.

After he popped the question, Curran slipped on the ring and finished the race at a jaw-dropping four hours and 24 minutes, according to CBS.

So... how do you celebrate after you just completed the New York City Marathon and got engaged all in one epic day? You party with family and friends, duh! CBS reports that the lovebirds, who live together in Jersey City, New Jersey, went to go celebrate alongside their loved ones.

"They're both very happy," Figueroa told CBS. "We can't wait for the wedding."