Justin Made A TikTok Dance For "Yummy" & I'm Already Obsessed

NBC/NBCUniversal/Getty Images

Justin Bieber is no stranger to slick choreography, and now that he's finally released his fifth studio album, Changes, he's dusting off his dancing shoes once again. Sure, his Feb. 8 live performances of "Yummy" and "Intentions" on Saturday Night Live were epic and proved the Biebs can still captivate an audience, but now he's even mastering the moves on social media. Justin Bieber's TikTok dance for "Yummy" is definitely worthy of going viral.

It's no doubt that things changed during the five years Bieber was on a hiatus from dropping new music. For one, he's now married to Hailey Baldwin and the two are living their very best life together. He's also been open about his experience with mental health, publicly vowing to work to better himself every day. Not to mention, things on social media are much different than they were back in 2015. Like, hello, TikTok was not even a thing back then.

So when Bieber teamed up with James Corden for a hilarious Carpool Karaoke episode on Tuesday, Feb. 18, the late night talk show host challenged the Biebs' dance abilities. The comical banter ultimately led to Bieber and Corden coming up with a mesmerizing TikTok dance for "Yummy." Check it out at the 2:00 mark below.

It's about time Bieber put together an official TikTok dance for that jam. In early January, Bieber created an account on the video app, with his first three TikTok posts all dedicated to "Yummy."

Jaden Smith even got in on the fun, promoting "Yummy" by making a TikTok video to it on Jan. 3.

Shortly after Bieber's Carpool Karaoke segment aired, videos of fans doing the "Yummy" TikTok dance started to surface. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before the most famous TikTokers catch wind of Bieber's dance and it starts to go viral.