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Joshua Bassett Got Real About Toxic Masculinity In A Candid Instagram Post

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Listen up fellas: Joshua Bassett has an important PSA. The High School Musical: The Musical: The Series star took to Instagram on May 11 with a candid post about emotional vulnerability. In a world where many men are taught to suppress their feelings, Joshua Bassett's Instagram about toxic masculinity is a must-read.

Bassett's slideshow post included a video of him performing a ballad in the bathtub. The second slide in his post was a candid message about learning to share his vulnerable side with the world.

“I, like most men I know, was taught to NOT cry growing up. I was forced to suppress my ‘sensitive side’,” he began. “But here’s the thing. Suppressing your emotions as a child will crush your spirit and bury your heart alive. When you cut off the sensitive part of your being/heart, your view of people & the world, over time, grows less and less human(e)."

Bassett went on to say he believes shunning sensitivity is the root of many issues in society. "I wholeheartedly believe this is the root of the majority of toxic masculinity and the empathetic epidemic in most males today," he wrote.

Bassett went on to explain that throughout his childhood he was "belittled" by those around him for showing his feelings which taught him to bury his emotions. At one point in his life, Bassett no longer cried at all, he revealed.

These days, Bassett has done a complete 180 with his vulnerability and his post urged other men to re-assess the way they channel their emotions.

“Instead of allowing your deep sadness to turn into bitterness, anger and violence: maybe grab some Kleenex and cry it out. Let your guard down. Be bold enough to be vulnerable. You’re safe to do so now,” he said.

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The biggest takeway Bassett wanted to give his followers? "#CryingisCool." He concluded, “You, your mother, sister, daughters and future daughters depend on it. Numb is no way to live. We must end the cycle."

Bassett knows a thing or two about penning a sad bop, and he's not afraid to shed a tear while he's at it.