Jordyn Woods Says Her Entire Life Changed After The Tristan Thompson Scandal

by Candice Jalili
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Over a year after the fact, Jordyn Woods' quotes about the Tristan Thompson scandal during an interview with Hillsong Church's Natalie Manuel Lee on YouTube are seriously inspiring. Woods, who seems to now be in a better place, got candid about how she was impacted by the public shaming she received in 2019 following claims she reportedly got intimate with Thompson, who was at the time still with Khloé Kardashian. "I remember just sitting in a very dark place and I didn’t really… you know, I had my family to talk to, I had you to talk to," Woods shared with Lee in an interview taped before the coronavirus pandemic that aired on Sept. 26. "But… I felt like I had no one."

She continued, "You take everything you think you know for a whole decade — the people you think you know, the life you think you know, everything that you’ve grown up doing — and you take it all away from someone. I didn’t even know how to feel."

Woods admitted she felt as though "everything was against" her, so much so that she started isolating herself from the outside world. "I deleted everything off of my phone. I wouldn’t respond to anyone," she shared. "I responded to about two people. I pushed people away that probably… shouldn’t have been pushed away, but I just couldn’t trust anyone… everything in my life changed."

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Woods said accepting she had a role to play in what was happening was a huge part of her healing process. "I feel like people in this generation lack accountability and when you can’t accept what you’ve done and you cant accept it then you can’t heal from it," she explained, noting she had to look at the situation and ask herself questions like, "What did I do? What role did I play in this? How was I responsible? How can I be held accountable? How can I take responsibility for what happened?"

Woods is no longer living in the past. "It’s easy to beat yourself up over things you could have done differently, but... you can’t hold onto what you could’ve or should’ve done," she said. "You just have to accept what actually happened and then you can let it go. It might take you a month to let it go. It might take you a year to let it go. But you have to start praying to be able to let it go."

While she's unhappy about the way it had to happen, Woods said she's now grateful for the way the experience shaped her into who she is today. “I’m not happy that people were hurt and people had to go through what they went through,” she said. “It was a lot for everyone, my family, other families, friends, and not in a million years have I had a negative intention to do something bad to anyone I love. I wouldn’t say I’m happy something like that happened, but I’m happy I was able to become who I am today.”

Nobody should have to spend the rest of their life dwelling on one mistake they made. Happy Woods was able to find a way to move forward, while still accepting responsibility.