Jonathan Van Ness' Zodiac Sign Makes Them A Bold & Passionate Partner

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Every member of the Queer Eye Fab Five is lovable in their own way, but Jonathan Van Ness holds a special place in the hearts of fans for so many reasons. Chief among them are their warmth, daring approaches to aesthetics, and quippy one-liners — all things that make sense considering their March 28 birthday. Showing plenty of signs they're a classic Aries, Jonathan Van Ness’ zodiac sign tells us the non-binary icon is a bold and passionate romantic partner.

Generally, Aries is known for being energetic and creative — and at times, a bit fussy and bossy. Along with Sagittarius and Leo, Aries is a fire sign with a sizzling personality. While impulsive at times, Aries can make for a super fun and spontaneous partner, while still being one of the most caring and reliable signs in the zodiac. Here's what we can surmise about JVN as a partner, based on their zodiac sign.

Aries Tells You They Like You Right Off The Bat

If nothing else, watching JVN compassionately and confidently telling Queer Eye subjects their hair needs work should let you know they're an Aries through and through. A common misconception about Aries is that just because they're blunt, they don't know how to handle situations with grace. This isn't always true, but rest assured, they're honest. If Aries likes you, they'll let you know with little equivocation — but with some finesse, of course.

They Plan The Most Epic Dates

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JVN's lust for life and playful nature are also key Aries traits. There's never a dull moment when you're dating a fire sign, so be ready for that to translate into date night, too. If it's Aries' turn to pick the activity, you could end up taking a cooking class or doing indoor sky-diving. They'd probably even find a way to shake up dinner and a movie by picking a new fusion restaurant or an indie film.

Aries Will Always Go To Bat For You

If there's anyone you want in your corner, it's Aries. They fiercely protect their loved ones no matter what, and they're ready to fight the second they're crossed. They're not playing games, which is where their ability to tell it like it is really shines. If you're dating an Aries, you'll always know your partner has your back.

While few can know what dating JVN is like for certain, it's easy to connect the dots with astrology. And based on Jonathan Van Ness' zodiac sign, their partner would feel stimulated, protected, and so lucky to have them. Who wouldn't?

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