JoJo Siwa's "Best. Gay. Cousin. Ever" T-Shirt Has Fans Buzzing

Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" has been an LGBTQ+ anthem ever since its release in May 2011. So when JoJo Siwa posted a TikTok lip-syncing to the song dressed in rainbow attire on Jan. 21, fans speculated it was her way of coming out. Their theories were boosted when Siwa's celebrity friends like James Charles, Bretman Rock, and Colleen Ballinger posted congratulatory messages. And now, JoJo Siwa's "Best. Gay. Cousin. Ever" T-Shirt has fans in a frenzy.

On Friday, Jan. 22, Siwa took to Twitter to share a picture of herself rocking a new T-shirt with the phrase "BEST. GAY. COUSIN. EVER." on it. "My cousin got me a new shirt," she captioned the photo.

Just one day before, Siwa shared her "Born This Way" TikTok, in which she donned a rainbow hoodie and bow to enthusiastically lip-sync the following lyrics: "No matter gay, straight, or bi/ Lesbian, transgender life/ I'm on the right track, baby/ I was born to survive/ No matter black, white, or beige/ Chola or orient made/ I'm on the right track, baby/ I was born to be brave!" That same day, she participated in a collab video with popular LGBTQ+ influencers from PrideHouse LA like Jeka Jane, Garrett Clayton, and Kent Boyd.

Now, fans see Siwa's "Best. Gay. Cousin. Ever." T-shirt as a sign that what they're speculating is correct, though Siwa has not confirmed anything explicitly. It's totally up to Siwa to address (or not address) speculation surrounding her sexual orientation on her own time.

Fans flooded Siwa's comments section with messages of congratulations as several praised her for taking this perceived step — especially since it sends such a wonderful message to her millions of young fans.

"My 5 year old just run into my work study screaming, 'MOMMY MOMMY JOJO IS GAY I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER TO KNOW MY IDOL JUST CAME OUT!' What?? I’m literally crying tears of joy my little girl is so accepting and tolerating of different people," one mother wrote in response to Siwa's post.

Whatever this mic-drop moment means, it looks like Siwa's extremely happy about it, and that's all that matters.