JoJo Fletcher's Massive New Engagement Ring Is Even More Glam Than Her First

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I'm not one to make comparisons, but we have got to talk about JoJo Fletcher's new engagement ring versus her 'Bachelor' ring. For those of you who missed the memo, Fletcher and her fiancé Jordan Rodgers both took to Instagram on Aug. 25 to announce that Rodgers had proposed to Fletcher again — this time, on his own terms, privately and off-camera.

This time around, Rodgers proposed with a different ring. TBH, the two designs are similar, but there are some key differences. Fletcher received her first ring from Rodgers during her season of The Bachelorette back in 2016. In true Bachelorette form, the ring Rodgers first proposed to Fletcher with was designed by none other than Neil Lane. According to a source who spoke to Us Weekly at the time, the ring was over 3.5 carats and set in white gold, featuring "an oval-cut center stone and pavé diamonds along the band." Oh, and the same source mentioned it casually cost "about $85,000."

Neil Lane

While her original ring was gorgeous, Fletcher just wasn't quite in love with it, says Nicole Wegman, founder and CEO of Ring Concierge. Fletcher and Rodgers turned to Wegman in early July when they decided to replace her ring. "On the show you're given a few already made rings to pick from and those are your choices, so he picked one that he thought she'd like best but really none of the options were what he would have designed for her," explained Wegman. "As it turns out, she wasn't in love with the ring that she got from the show. They really wanted to do something completely custom that better suited her style and was more representative of what he would have bought for her himself." Specifically, Wegman says Fletcher was hoping for a larger diamond and one set in yellow gold, rather than the white gold her original ring was set in.

The ring they ultimately settled on was a five-carat oval diamond set in Wegman's signature Whisper Thin band. They also decided to go with yellow gold this time around to match the rest of Fletcher's jewelry. Larger diamond? Check. Yellow gold? Double check.

While Wegman declined to comment on the cost of the ring, Kathryn Money, VP of Strategy & Merchandising for Brilliant Earth, estimates the ring is worth approximately $150,000 to $250,000.

The cutest things about the second ring is the way in which Rodgers decided to present it to Fletcher. "What was really, really cute was that she thought they were going to do this whole thing together — it wasn't meant to be a romantic gesture because they were technically already engaged on the show," explained Wegman. "He reached out about a month ago behind her back and said, 'Do not tell JoJo I'm calling you. I want to surprise her. I want to buy her a ring and I want to re-propose to her without cameras, without producers, with a ring that I designed and bought for her."

Needless to say, Wegman says she and Rodgers already had a great idea of what Fletcher was looking for after they'd spend so much time with her designing a new ring when they first came in back in early July. "We weren't just going to totally pick a new style," she says.

While she had been very much involved in the design process, the second proposal came as a total surprise to Fletcher. "She had no idea that he already had bought one, she had no idea that he was going to propose," says Wegman. "It was really, really cute."

Luckily, it seems as though Rodgers and Wegman nailed it with the ring this time around. Rodgers commented on Wegman's Instagram of the happy couple with the new ring:

You are the best! Thanks for putting up with me for the time(few hours lol) we spent staring at diamonds and your help designing this. She LOVES it! Also the most comfortable ring she’s ever worn. It’s perfect 🔥

Fletcher, herself, took to Instagram to share the news of her joyous surprise.

Congrats to the happy couple!