All Of Me Loves All Of John Legend's Scene On 'This Is Us'

by Ani Bundel
Jeff Spicer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This Is Us was very mysterious about the return of Season 4. Other than a single scene between Kate and Toby, suggesting This Is Divorce was imminent, the trailer showed nothing. Well, almost nothing. One TV spot, which aired during the Golden Globes, gave a glimpse of John Legend on the show. But who he played and what he was doing there, no one would say, other than to confirm it was him. But it turned out John Legend's scene on This Is Us was exactly what fans would expect. Warning: Spoilers for This Is Us Season 4 follow.

It seemed too good to be true: The moment Kevin fired his matchmaking service, he found "the one." And yet, there she was, standing in an LA coffee shop, looking dazzled by the sitcom actor she just met. Her name is Lizzie, and Kevin was head over feet the second he met her. And unlike all those first dates he'd been on, things with Lizzie seemed perfect. She didn't want him to perform his Manny routine for her mom (who kept texting), she didn't want to be amazed by his stardom. She just seemed like a normal (though perhaps a little starstruck) down-to-earth single girl in LA for a conference heading home the next day.

So Kevin went full Jack Pearson. He hired out the entire Hollywood Bowl; he got a picnic basket and flowers delivered, champaign, the works. And he hired her favorite singer in the world for a private performance: John Legend.

Lucky for all involved, Mr. John Legend just so happened to drop a brand new single on the Friday before this episode aired, "Conversations In The Dark," which he gamely performed for the couple.

The hilarious part of it all is that upon stepping out on stage, John Legend jokingly remarked he was used to a larger audience, so he guessed all his songs were dedicated to the only two people there with him. When he popped out to take a break, he shrugged at this ridiculousness of the situation. Hey, a paying gig's a paying gig.

But it turned out the break was the end of his set. After being swept off her feet, Lizzie couldn't keep up the charade anymore. She wasn't single, and that wasn't her mother texting. Actor Kevin Pearson was her "celebrity hall pass" to sleep with, and her husband said to go for it. But the deeper this got, and the more her husband texted, the guiltier she felt.

Sorry Kevin, but this fairy tale was all a dream, and she couldn't go through with making it a reality.