John Legend’s Romantic New Love Song Will Def Be The Wedding Song Of 2020

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John Legend has provided the soundtrack for countless first dances with his wedding-ready anthems "All of Me" and "Love Me Now," but his latest track about Chrissy Teigen might just give these ballads a run for their money. On Friday, Jan. 10, the singer released a brand new song ahead of its debut on NBC's This Is Us, and unsurprisingly, the lyrics for John Legends’ "Conversations in the Dark" are just as romantic as you'd expect them to be. From detailing how perfect he finds his wife's flaws to explaining the simple joys of re-watching movies and sleeping in until noon together, it's safe to say that 2020 has a new ballad that you'll want to walk down the aisle to.

If you've been following along, you might have heard that the "All of Me" chart-topper will be making a highly-anticipated cameo on the Jan. 14 episode of This Is Us, which may feature his brand new single. The musician gave fans a preview of what they can expect on the episode when he dropped "Conversations in the Dark" a few days early on Friday — and it's all about his unconditional love for his longtime partner.

To start, Legend sings about the pleasures of the seemingly mundane things like talking late at night and re-watching old movies with his other half. He then launches into the chorus, promising his love that he finds her perfect just the way she is and that he promises not to hurt her and to always be there for her.

He croons:

And you say that you're not worth it / You get hung up on your flaws / Well, in my eyes you are perfect / As you are. I will never try to change you, change you / I will always want the same you, same you / Swear on everything I pray to / That I won't break your heart / I'll be there when you get lonely, lonely / Keep the secrets that you told me, told me / And your love is all you owe me / And I won't break your heart.

Legend's next verse elaborates all the ways that the object of his affection makes the small things like sleeping in together during the weekends so special before he shares a heartstring-tugging verse about being there for Teigen during her worst days. He sings:

When no one seems to notice / And your days, they seem so hard / My darling, you should know this / My love is everywhere you are.

With the ballads "All of Me" and "Love Me Now" under his belt, it's safe to say that Legend knows how to write a romantic anthem, and his latest attempt is sure to make its way into lots of upcoming weddings after its TV debut on Jan. 14. While NBC and Legend have yet to confirm what role The Voice coach will be playing on the series, I have a feeling we'll all be treated to a tear-jerking rendition of "Conversations in the Dark" when he does make his appearance.

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