Joey Sasso is hosting a virtual dating show called 'Faraway Bae' featuring a 'Love Is Blind' star.

This New Dating Show Is Basically A 'Love Is Blind' & 'The Circle' Crossover


Looking back on the reality TV landscape at the beginning of 2020, Netflix was eerily prescient in launching isolationist series like The Circle and Love Is Blind months before the coronavirus pandemic landed everyone in quarantine. Those shows added bizarre, modern twists to the tried-and-true reality formats, and now, a new series featuring the stars of both Netflix hits will take things even further. Faraway Bae, Joey Sasso's new dating series, will team the fan-favorite winner of The Circle with a Love Is Blind standout to search for love virtually in the time of coronavirus.

Although The Circle wasn't really a dating show, Sasso wound up wooing fans and his fellow contestants over with his flirty personality, which helped him win the first season. His experience getting to know tons of people solely through social media makes him the perfect host for Faraway Bae, a new dating show that will begin airing on the app TVCO on Sunday, Aug. 9. The series will center on Love Is Blind star Diamond Jack as she looks for love without leaving her home, getting to know six contestants virtually through challenges, games, and dates all conducted via video-chat.

Sasso will be on hand to help Jack out through the process, as he explained in the show's delightfully bizarre, green-screened trailer:

But Sasso won't be the only one to help Jack pick her perfect match. Since TVCO is an interactive app with a live-chat feature, viewers will be able to ask questions in real time during new episodes, and will even have the power to select dates for Jack and the contestants.

Jack emphasized her excitement for the new dating experience in a statement to Entertainment Weekly: "As everyone knows, I’m all in favor of unconventional dating experiences and I have seen firsthand that they can work. I can't wait for Joey and the live audience to help me find my soulmate."

The new show comes after Jack dumped her fiancé Carlton Morton during Love Is Blind following their explosive fight in Mexico right before their planned wedding. Faraway Bae will be a relatively quick watch, following Jack for only one week as Sasso and audiences guide her through virtual dates.

Fans can tune into the premiere episode on Sunday, Aug. 9, on TVCO.