Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner's Wedding Guest List Was So Star-Studded

by Jamie LeeLo
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's finally happened! The Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner wedding fans have been waiting for has arrived! Sure, sure. The surprise Vegas ceremony was fun and everything — but get a load of this shindig! Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's wedding guest list was so star-studded it made the 2019 Billboard Music Awards ceremony look like a little BBQ. Naturally, fans kept their eyes peeled for Jonas' brothers and subsequently Turner's new sister-in-laws, but there were a few other faces in the crowd fans will be hyped to see, too.

The big event went down in France, just like Turner and Jonas said it would. Originally, people were keeping their eyes peeled for Priyanka Chopra and Danielle Jonas now that Turner has officially joined the #JonasWivesClub. However, a lot of other famous and familiar faces were in the crowd, too. Perhaps most notably, Sophie Turner's best friend and Game Of Thrones co-star Maisie Williams was there as she held the responsibility of one of her maids of honor. GOT fans were semi-stunned that Williams didn't appear to make the spontaneous nuptials following the Billboard Music Awards, so knowing she was by Turner's this time around was a bit of relief.

Other celebrities in the gorgeous crowd included Ashley Graham, DNCE members, and Diplo. Wilmer Valderrama was also spotted with the couple in Paris, France, ahead of the nuptials, so while he didn't post about the wedding, he may have been on-hand to see the couple say "I do," too.

Not for nothing, two other people of note were in attendance, and that's Jonas' parents. A little unceremoniously, Joe admitted his dad, Paul Kevin Jonas Sr., and his mom, Denise Miller-Jonas, found out about the Vegas ceremony on the internet. Jonas told SiriusXM, "They did find out online." He expanded:

In my mind, you know, that was the legal portion of the marriage. So I was thinking, like, 'Look, this is not the most important day.' There’s an important day, I mean, I'll keep private, but ahead of us. So we were, like, this is just whoever's in town.

Frankly, he really stands by the decision. Jonas also told Harper's Bazaar, "We had to do a legal marriage before we did a real big one. It was either the courthouse, or our version, and I preferred our version. Friends, Elvis, and Ring Pops."

The photos from the France celebration are coming through slowly but surely, and they might trump Diplo's candid video from the Vegas celebration. (P.S. I'm laughing at the fact that Diplo's phone was seized during the France celebration. I'm sure it wasn't just him, but after his live stream of Vegas, I could only imagine that Jonas and Turner had their eyes on him.) I can't wait to see what the happy couple posts about their special day after they enjoy the celebration with their family and friends.

I won't take it personally that I also didn't make the cut, Sophie and Joe. I'll just live vicariously through all of your famous friends.